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About Us

Image Flooring Kitchen & Bath is a family owned business that started in 2001. We started as Image Flooring Center, which was just a flooring company and gradually evolved into a full remodeling company in just a few short years. We grew each year with the help and patronage of our loyal customers, the majority of whom are either repeat or referral customers. We pride ourselves in providing quality service & products and excellent customer service at very competitive prices. We have done many award-winning designs and one of our kitchens has been featured in Shiloh cabinet’s catalog.
We oversee every project with utmost attention to detail from concept to completion.


Hardwood flooring can work for any room in a home or office, as it comes in various styles, colors, cuts, and species. When it comes to choosing hardwood flooring for your home, there are many different options to choose from, which can be very overwhelming. Between choosing the type of wood, the width, and the stain type, you may have some questions when picking out your perfect hardwood flooring. This is why we offer project management and interior design assistance! With so many options to choose from, our experienced staff can help you choose the perfect hardwood flooring for your home and our professional technicians will take care of the installation process.


Laminate flooring has been growing significantly in popularity, which is not surprising due to its easy installation process, effortless maintenance, and extreme affordability. If you want the look of hardwood floors, but do not want to deal with the upkeep or price, then laminate flooring is perfect for you! Laminate flooring has a wide range of characteristics that make it a great fit for any home or office! It has high wear characteristics, low maintenance. We carry a large array of laminate patterns, including some European laminates that are water resistant. We also provide custom installation. Laminate is extremely resistant to impact, dents, wear and fading, and offers great value, making it a great option for high-traffic areas and people with a limited budget.


Image Flooring Kitchen & Bath offers an abundance of color and style combinations for carpeting. Soft and warm underfoot, carpet can be laid over most surfaces, and there are styles and grades available for every budget. Carpet in a home is an investment you can walk on!
Carpet manufacturers have come a long way in making carpets soft, durable, & stain resistant.

Replace your old, worn carpet with stylish, plush, new carpeting! We have multiple brands to choose from, including a wide variety from Masland, Fabrica, with a large selection of wool and nylon carpets. We also offer carpet cushioning that is specifically designed to maximize and extend your carpet’s plush feel and high performance. Cushion helps your carpet feel richer and more luxurious. It also improves your carpet’s acoustic and insulating properties, making the room quieter.

We also offer carpet tiles! Carpet tiles are the perfect flooring for areas in the home or business with high traffic. These tiles can easily be switched out or cleaned, and have an easy DIY installation process! Whether you’re looking to replace the carpet in your bedroom, living room, family room, or even your office, we can give you the right guidance and advice.

Tile & Stone 

Stone flooring adds natural beauty and luxury to any room. As the natural stone is extremely durable and can be installed both indoors and out! Unlimited colors and designs are available with tile and stone flooring, which means there is unlimited potential for custom installation!
We have a large selection of tiles including some beautiful Italian and Spanish tiles in a variety of sizes and colors.


Granite is formed from igneous rock, creating a very distinct look. It comes in various colors and often has veins running through it, giving it a textured look. It is known for its hardness and resistance to acids in certain foods and cleaning products, making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops or flooring!


Marble is formed from the metamorphic rock because of an abundance of pressure and heat. It can be sealed with a silicone-based sealant that prevents it from scratches or damage and is well known for its large veins and multitude of colors.


Limestone is a lightweight stone that is rich in color and varies in degrees of hardness. It is also sealed with a silicone-based sealant to ensure its beautiful to look for years to come.


Quartz is formed from the metamorphosis of sandstone. Known for its hardness and scratch resistance, it is perfect for heavily trafficked areas and as low maintenance kitchen countertops.


Ceramic starts with clay made from rock dust, which are then baked and pressed into a set size. It is then cut in one of many ways, punched, chiseled, rectified or tumbled.


Porcelain is made of a very fine mixture of clay and minerals. It is highly stained and water resistant, with easy to clean surfaces, and extremely durable!

Kitchen Remodeling 

Image Flooring Kitchen & Bath is a full-service home improvement company. We specialize in kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling as well as additions and exterior enhancements. At image Flooring Kitchen & Bath, we believe our remodeling projects do more for our customers than simply improve the look of their homes, our work enhances our customers’ lives by providing them with a home that is more comfortable and better suited to their functional needs both now and for many years to come.

Bathroom Remodeling

Creating a custom bathroom is a great way to enhance your home but also create lasting value.
At Image Flooring Kitchen & Bath, we have the knowledge and experience to work with you and match your taste and lifestyle to create a custom bathroom that is functional, efficient and is an added value to your home. Our professional designers and in-house crews will make sure the process is as effortless as possible. We offer professional advice and design consultations to make sure that all the pieces of the project fit together, whether it is the tile, the custom vanity or plumbing parts, we will try our level best to make the process as easy and as fun as possible.

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