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Stay Calm! 24 Hours Water Damage Service in Washington DC

Washington DC is situated on the right bank of Potomac River. Floods are common in river area and create water damage issue to your buildings. There are many other causes of serious problems like leakage or a bust of pipe, wrong plumbing, heavy rainfall, and any natural disaster.

Do not worry! Now with experts around, water damage repair is easy. We at Everette Carpet Care & Restoration provide a complete solution for damage repair. We have professionals who are highly educated for their job. They not only help you in your recovery but also guide you with some basic tips so that you avoid great loss. Our services are for 24 hours. We have been serving for over 17 years.

Variety of Water Damage

We generally categorize water damage:

  1. A basic damage is that does not cost you, your health. This can be due to any appliance leakage or sink overflow.
  2. The second is gray water category that is contaminated water. This water contains microorganism in it that can cause ingestion problems. This can be due to damaged toilets or broken pumps.
  3. Blackwater is the third category that is unhealthy. It has bacteria in it that can cause sickness.

Useful Tips for Water Damage

Our expert's guide helps you prevent residential or commercial damage in the long-term. Follow the guide below and save the building.

  • Stop the water flow – If you see any leakage or bursting of pipe, immediately fixes it. You may find it difficult but our skillful person can handle it well. Get instant help from us to avoid any further loss.
  • Turn off the electric suppliers – Avoid using any appliance if you are facing water damage issues. It is beneficial to turn off the power.
  • Access the damage  If the damage is not visible to you gets an instant help from an expert.
  • Save your valuables first.
  • Get rid of standing water as soon as possible.
  • Allow the things to dry completely for proper functioning.
  • Moisture will help the mold to grow within 24-48 hours. It is better to leave your windows open to let the air pass through.
  • Remove moisture from the walls and ceilings.
  • Throw away moldy carpets, because it is nearly impossible to remove mold from the carpet.
  • If you feel any uneasiness, stop cleaning instantly. Call professionals for help.

It is always wise to hire our water damage service company. Professionals can help you in a better way because they have ample experience. Our priority is to make sure that you remain healthy. We work with excellence. Your satisfaction is important to us. We understand how difficult it is to face residential water damage destruction.

Our specialty:

 We are experts in:

Carpet Sales and Installation

Carpets add beauty to your house and are cost effective. Hire the best carpet installers to save your money and time. We are experienced in selling and installing the carpets. During our first visit, we bring in samples for you to test and choose. Later we bring the carpet and fit it properly. We work with perfection. We take accurate measures of your area to give it an elegant look.

During carpet installation, it is highly recommendable to start your ventilation system for the proper airflow for 48-72 hours. However, you need not worry. Our technicians can take of your things better. We work with great attention and concern.

Moreover, we also provide:

Why Choose Us as Your Best Option

Choosing us is the best thing that you can do to handle your water damage problems and carpets installationWe can deal with water restoration and provide quality work.

We offer a variety of packages for carpet cleaning services. Our main concern and priority are your health and safety. We provide excellent services to give to the best experience. We are trustworthy and reliable. We are promising and focused towards our work. Our efficient emergency service is available for 24 hours. Although we are affordable, we never go for low products or offer poor quality work that can affect our results.

You have mainly two big reasons to call us right now. We have two free offers waiting for you so take advantage of them.

  • With our whole house gold or platinum package, we offer you a free cleaning of your favorite sofa.
  • With the whole house silver package, get a free bottle of carpet stain remover.

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