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Deck Building Material for Better Homes

Do you want your floors to look special? Do not worry. We got you covered with our reliable deck building material in New York City NY.

A family-owned business Deckslife has worked for many years to make your floors special. We are direct manufactures and importer that offer premium wood for you. We do not involve any third person so there is no chance that you doubt our quality service.

We have more than 40 years of combined experience in the lumber industry”
CEO Deckslife

Deck Building Materials

We offer variety of hardwood decking that includes

We also have other hardwoods that are only available upon request. They include:

  • Piquia
  • Santos
  • Mahogany
  • Jatoba
  • pressure treated woods

Why Hardwood Decking is Beneficial

Among many materials to choose for your floor we emphasis on installing hardwood decking in your house and we have reasons for this. The use of hardwood in architects and designers is rapidly increasing for exterior decor for its many benefits.

Firstly, hardwood has an appealing look that makes your home beautiful. It gives natural look for any construction. Moreover, it has a tendency to mix up with other materials to give your house or office a luxurious look.

Secondly, hardwoods are chemical free resistance to mold, decay, and other things. It requires low maintenance and is long – lasting. Whereas, here are some other woods that need maintenance and are pricey with less durability.

When you hire us for your hardwood installation, we work precisely to give you excellent results. Along with our process, we apply the finishing coat on your floors to give it a smooth texture.

However, with the passage of time, it may need repairing but that will not be an expensive ticket. For your deck repair, call us.

Thirdly, we take pride in providing you original tropical hardwoods with the help of our farmers and their families. We care for environmental changes that are why we work according to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) guidelines.

Finally, no doubt that hardwood installation is expensive. However, when you compare it with its durability and long run you will find it great. Moreover, it adds value to your home or commercial property.

IPE Decking

In Latin America, a group of 30 people is known as IPE (Common Name), also known as Brazilian walnut is mildew, decay resistant, and is not affected by insects. This material is perfect for seaside and outdoor construction.

We work hard to provide our customers IPE for Decking because it is our main products. We assure you the quality, strength, and quantity that you need.

Cumaru Decking in New York City NY

Rapidly increase hardwood-flooring material Cumaru is known as Brazilian Teak. It has an appealing color variation and is durable. One of its amazing qualities is that it is a great fire resistance because it has a flame spread index of 20, which is a less than, the normal wood index of 25.

You can rely on our product quality and our experience for Cumaru deck installation in your homes.

Why Us

For us every client matters. Our decking contractors in New York City NY are determined to provide you excellent work to meet your expectations. Our experts stand with you from manufacturing the product to supplying and installing your smooth flooring.

Our team is aware of all the latest tools and techniques required to install your hardwood decking, docks, wood decking boards, fences, cladding, and siding. We are expert in hardware and oils.

We make extra efforts to come up with the latest trends and deal with the advanced brands. You will not find better price and service than ours and that is our guaranteed.

Additional Reasons

  • Fast Fulfillment

We have the fastest service you will ever find. Before placing your orders, your wood is ready so that you do not have to wait for days.

  • Ease Of Purchase

We make deck installation easy for you. Visit our webpage and select your product at affordable price. Our deck supplies are always on time.

  • Constant Stock

Since we directly deal with the customers, so you can trust our product quality. We always have enough stock to facilitate you with the best.

  • Professional Installation

We are professionals and work flawlessly to give you the best service around town.

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For deck building material, installation, and repair, you can contact us via call or get a free quote for your work.

We feel glad to make your dream a reality.

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