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Professional Security Services Are In Great Demand

There has been a huge spike in the crime rate and one of the best ways to keep your valuables and your family safe is to take professional security services. There are multiple companies that offer reliable security services in Downey CA but our professionalism and trained security officers make us one of the best security companies in the country.

In the current world, everyone relies on the business or entity that provide a safe working environment. The security officers at New Port Security service ensures that your belongings and workforce is safe. Whether you are in the customer-facing business or run a corporate business, our security officers will keep your businesses safe. Hiring our security officers will give your customers confidence that they are doing business in a safe environment. Most commercial buildings are equipped with electronic security systems but the security officers add an extra level of protection to the buildings.

Our security officers are trained to handle harmful situations that the electronic devices are incapable to handle. When you are faced with any difficult situation at your home or office, the professional security officers will defuse the situation before it turns into a life-threatening situation.

Providing Diverse Security Services to Safeguard Commercial and Residential Buildings

New Port Security Service has expert security officers that can take on diverse security projects. Some basic services offered by us are:

Residential Properties

Our security officers can help in safeguarding the residential property. There might be a time when you have to leave the house for work and your family is alone in the house. This is the time when our security officers come in handy. Our security officers protect the house and your family members with a minimum disturbance in their daily lives.

Retail Security

The retail sector is one of the most vulnerable industry in the world. With our security officers, you can safeguard the stores. If you worry that the security officers will discourage the customers then they can also be appointed in plain clothes.

Office Buildings

Office buildings face internal and external issues and our security officers can defuse all the problems with ease. We also understand the high rise buildings have different tenants and we value the safety of all the guests and residents in the same way.


Banks are the institutions which are prone to robberies and we understand the nature of services that are required to keep a bank safe. Our security officers are trained to handle different situations with ease. They are trained to work with proper authorities to ensure that the people and the cash are safe.


Our security officers understand the value of security and protection of the hotel staff. Our security officers can also be entrusted with the safety of the guests.

Concerts and Parties

Concerts and parties are prone to attackers and this is where you need to the services of our security officers. The security officers will guard the perimeter and ensure that the place is free for uninvited guests. With the help of professional services of the security officers, you can enjoy the event with ease.

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are one of most crowded places in Downey CA. The shopping centers are filled with kids and families and to ensure their safety, you need to take services of our professional security officers. Our security officers provide services related to the safety of employees, protecting the cash in-flow and our-flow, and assisting shoppers with lost items. 

Most Important Aspects of Corporate Security Services

When you are looking for expert security officers in Downey, New Port Security Service is the name you should go for. Professional security officers ensure that you are safe in the event of a dangerous situation. When hiring our corporate services, you will get multiple benefits. Some benefits incurred by our services are:

High-quality service

There are some companies that claim to have the best security officers in Downey CA and charge extra for their services. On the other hand, security officers at New Port Security Service are trained in best facilities in the region to ensure optimum performance. All the security officers adhere to the task and our affordable plans ensure that you get best services without spending extra.

Professional Security officers

We have trained security officers that are well versed in the art of security. All the security officers employed by us need to pass multiple background checks and medical tests and this ensures that they have a clean record and can keep you safe in dangerous situations. We adhere to the industry guidelines and regulations and our security officers complete all the projects with professionalism. We understand the value of your property and privacy and our security officers are trained to perform their duties with minimum disturbance to the clients. Our customer support department is staffed with friendly professionals from the industry and they are well versed with everyday security needs. They will help you to link up our expert security officers in no time.

Diverse Services

Our security officers are expert in providing diverse security services to the clients. Whether you need to secure the office building for a corporate event or need to deliver cash at night, our security officers are there to help.

Communication is one of the vital parts of our training regime and this ensures that our security officers handle the situation with impeccable communication between other members of the team. They are trained to handle stressful situations and transfer information to other security officers in an effective manner. In most cases, our security officers are the first responders to the situation and they coordinate with proper authorities to make sure that the situation is handled in the perfect manner. Our tailored services ensure that the no harm can come close to you. Our trained security officers ensure that all situations are tackled in a professional manner. To book armed/unarmed security officers in Downey CA, simply give us a call or book an appointment via

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