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Remodeling the House to Meet Modern Standards

Do you need to update the overall look of the house? If yes, then you need to take professional services of a home improvement company and Evershine Construction is the frontrunner in residential home renovation in Falls Church VA. At Evershine Construction, we raise the bar with each remodeling project and make sure that your house represents your identity. All the residential home renovation projects in Falls Church VA are planned and executed by keeping your budget in mind. We make sure that you get the house of your dreams and the budget restraints do not affect your dreams.

We understand the value of your hard earned money and time. We make sure that all the projects are completed in a timely fashion. Taking services from amateur residential home renovation companies can increase the cost of the project and there is a strong chance that you receive substandard services.

Affordable Home Remodeling Solutions in Virginia

When you are planning a residential home renovation project, budget is the most important parameters that can affect the quality of the project. Evershine Constructions is famous for its affordable plans and dedicated workforce all over Falls Church VA. By taking our professional services, you can save big on your next residential home renovation.


A small miscalculation in the residential home renovation project can blow your budget. Our estimators will provide you a detailed quote for all the services that we will provide and we will stick to the budget defined by you. This will help you to renovate your house with ease. So, whatever you require, new cabinets in the kitchen, a new fence around the house or a total makeover; we are here to help.

Experienced Professionals

We employ industry professionals from around the country and this helps us to complete different projects with ease. All the professionals receive regular training sessions and this prepares them for projects of different nature. With our expert team, we can complete all the residential and commercial projects with ease.

Licensed and Accredited

During a residential home renovation project, one may suffer loss or damage. We provide insurance services to the homeowners as well. We are linked with all the major insurance providers in town and this ensures that your claim is finalized in an effective manner. We are the “Class A” contractor in Virginia and are accredited by Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. There are only a few companies that fall into this category and we top the list of best home renovation companies due to our professionalism.


Safety is our number one priority when taking up residential home renovation projects in Falls Church VA. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the main aspects of a residential home renovation and we make sure that all safety standards are kept in mind. This helps us to ensure safety for your family members.

Diverse Services Offered To Meet Your Design Needs

We provide diverse services to make sure that your home shines like new after each residential home renovation project. Different things need to be catered for the residential home renovation project and our experienced workforce can handle the tasks in an efficient manner. Some tasks that are completed by our trained staff are

Electric Projects

From droplights to LED panels, we can complete all the electric projects with ease. Apart from this, we also provide wiring and electrical appliance installation services for new homeowners. Electric projects are difficult to complete without the professional help. Without proper training and expertise, these repair can cause fatal damage as well. We provide expert services to the people in Falls Church VA and its surrounding.

Plumbing Projects

Water leaks and faulty taps can decrease the overall value of the home. Faulty heating and cooling system can lead to more damages. For timely repairs and maintenance, you need to take services of Evershine Construction. We are reliable and licensed plumbing company that is expert in plumbing, painting and other residential home renovation projects.

Paint and Drywalls

One of the most important things that can increase the beauty of the home is the paint. Our trained professionals are expert in different painting techniques. From matte to the glossy finish, we can do it all. All the raw material used in paint and drywall projects are durable and affordable. Our dedication to the renovation and paint projects makes us one of the best home renovation companies in the country. We make sure that your house is up to date with modern equipment and design features.

Contact us today for a detailed quote and getting high-quality paint and residential home renovation services.

Repairs and Additions

With the passage of time, different things in the house get damaged. Without proper maintenance, these things will completely stop working. We have trained professionals that can complete all the repairing projects with ease.

Landscape and Fencing

Residential home renovation does not only include boosting the interior characteristics of the house. We also cater the landscaping and fencing of the house. Landscaping increases the curb value of the house and also gives a greener look to the house. Apart from this, we also install and repair the fences around the house. Our reliable professionals are expert in installing different types of fences. Apart from adding value to the house, fencing also provides additional security to the house.

With the help of expert workforce and diverse services, we can help you in your next residential home renovation project. Almost all residential home renovation projects need perfect planning and our association with local contractors and designers helps us to complete all the projects in an effective manner. We employ friendly technicians in the customer support department that ensures that all your queries and suggestions regarding the residential home renovation projects are taken care of. This helps us to understand your design needs in a better way and we can complete the projects by keeping your requirements and needs in mind. For quotes and inquiries, you can call us anytime or contact us at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 703-994-2943

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