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Are you facing the problems related to leaky pipes and clogged drains? Do you need to install new pipe system in the house? If yes, then you need to hire the affordable drain cleaning companies in Eastpointe MI. There are multiple companies operating in the area but no one comes in par with Practical Plumbing. We provide cost-effective solutions to people who are looking for high-end services. Our expertise does not only lie in pipe systems and we also provide services related to drain cleaning, plumbing and gas lines.

We have been in the drain cleaning business for multiple years and has completed hundreds of projects effectively. With the expert workforce and modern tools, we provide quick turnaround and make sure that you do not need repairs for a long time. We cater multiple projects ranging from small home repair to installation of the industrial pipe system. Our expert workforce can complete the projects related to drain cleaning in a timely fashion.

Different services offered by plumbing companies

There are different plumbing companies that offer services related to a single niche and such companies may be expert in a single task but employing them can be a nuisance as they might not be able to complete all the tasks related to plumbing and drain cleaning. At practical plumbing, we have expert solutions for all your plumbing needs. Whether you need drain cleaning or gas line installation, we are here to help. We offer multiple services such as:

  • Research about the building structure and finalizing the plumbing structure
  • Selecting the ideal size and shapes of pipes which helps in drain cleaning projects with ease in the future.
  • Installing the support system for pipes and fixtures
  • Inspecting the drains and pipes
  • Performing schedules drain cleaning and maintenance
  • Making sure that all the pipes are aligned and graded
  • Maintaining the HVAC systems of commercial and residential buildings

We complete all the processes by keeping the industry standards in mind. We use eco-friendly products while drain cleaning and pipe installation. Safety is the number one priority when we start working on the drain cleaning services. Drain cleaning may seem an easy project but an amateur company may face a lot of problems. We are an expert drain cleaning company that has the necessary set of tools and experienced workforce that ensures all the projects in a timely fashion.

Benefits of using professional plumbing services

You should not take on the plumbing problems by yourself. There are different technicalities that surround the plumbing tasks and taking help from the professional plumbing company can provide multiple benefits. Some benefits that you can get by hiring our professional services for drain cleaning are listed below: 

Trained Professionals

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that are accustomed to different plumbing and drain cleaning methods. We employ industry professionals from the country and this ensures completion of all plumbing and drains cleaning projects on time. We hold regular training sessions on latest drain cleaning methods and plumbing methods to ensure all the professionals are in line with the techniques. 

Time and Cost effective solutions

There are some people who try to complete the projects on their own. This approach can be time-consuming and one may also damage other parts of the plumbing system. This also increases the overall plumbing service quote. To avoid paying more, you should hire the professional plumbing companies the very first time. Taking their services for drain cleaning can be very beneficial for you as you will save time and money in the long run. 

Emergency services

A minor leak in the water system can cause a lot of problem in the house. Leaks can damage the foundation, the furniture and the appliances in the house. Timely repairs of the pipes can help you to avoid the problems related to leaky pipes and clogged pipes. Emergency drain cleaning services offered by us can help you to save your belongings from damage.

Diverse Services

With the help of expert workforce, we offer diverse services. From drain cleaning to gas pipe repairs, our services are second to none. We are certified and insured company drain cleaning and plumbing company. We help clients to claim the insurance from their insurance companies and this helps the clients to get high-quality services without putting a dent in their budgets. We are certified by the local government to complete different plumbing and drain cleaning projects. Whether commercial or residential, we can complete different tasks in a timely fashion.  


Handling the drain cleaning and pipe system projects is difficult and many safety parameters need to be catered when you start the work on such projects. We take all the safety standards into consideration when starting the job and this helps us to complete the task in an effective manner.

Necessary Tools

You need different tools to effectively complete drain cleaning and pipe systems projects. A person may buy these expensive tools but you need the training to use these tools. To save your time and money, you should take help from drain cleaning companies. We are expert in drain cleaning and make sure that your commercial or residential drains are working perfectly. No one can afford downtime in their business and our modern techniques and tools help us to complete the tasks with minimum downtime and hindrance to the business operations.

When it comes to the professional services, no company comes close to the services provided by us. We have trained professionals that are well versed in different drain cleaning methods. The thing that differentiates us from other drain cleaning companies is that we employ friendly customer support staff and this helps us to book the consultations and meetings easily. We understand the importance of your house furniture and how water can damage them and due to this reason, we provide emergency drain cleaning and plumbing services as well. Give us a call or book an appointment by contacting us at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 586-777-4467

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