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With the increase in modern needs, garage door installation has become an important part of any home improvement plan. We at “Big D Garage Door” provides one of the best garage door installation service in Plano TX. Our team of trained technicians gives you satisfying services for your garage doors. We have all the latest tools and techniques that can fix your garage door problems easily.

We are capable of all types of garage door installation at residential and commercial level. Along with the installation, we provide you quality garage door repair and replacement of any kind that includes garage door cable repairing, spring replacement and other. Our garage door installation service also cover garage door opener installation and repair. We help you to pick the right garage door for your home, office or other commercial places. Call us to consult our garage door experts. We work to give you satisfactory garage door installation and repairing service.

Pick the Best Garage Door

People might get confused while choosing the garage doors but we can help you. Talk to us about your expectation of garage doors and we will provide the most suitable option for your home or commercial buildings. The basic thing that you see while choosing the garage door is the material used. Choosing the right material is also important as they have to face seasonal weather changes like heavy rains and storms.

The three common materials available in the market for the garage doors are wood, steel, and fiberglass. Among these three materials, wood is the top choice as it is easy to maintain and gives the natural look. They are easily affordable. The only thing you need to do to keep the wooden garage doors attractive is to repaint it seasonally.

In earlier times, manual garage doors were common but now they have been replaced by automatic garage doors and garage door openers. The garage door openers work best because they need less human effort to open the doors and they work with batteries. Overhead garage doors are heavy, so do not think of repairing them alone. Call us for garage door installation in Plano TX. Our technicians know how to handle the garage door installation process. The best part of wooden overhead garage doors is that they are made of natural material and come in different designs whereas the steel garage doors need repairing repeatedly.

Why Your Garage Door Repair Needs Professionals

Garage doors are one the most important and expensive things that you can have on your property. You use it many times in a day and due to this, they need more maintenance. When your garage door is not working properly or there is a problem with the garage springs, call professionals for garage door installation and repair. Here are few obvious reasons why you need professionals for garage doors installation and repair.

Pay Attention to your garage door

Although you are not a garage door professional you can inspect them to find the basic problems. Sometimes your ignorance can lead to big troubles. Before getting into serious issues, call our garage door installation experts and make your garage doors perfect. However, with regular maintenance and cleaning your garage doors can stay with you for a longer period of time and saves you money.

Observe garage doors while operating

Your doors may produce a loud sound due to broken cables or the disturbed track alignment. Take out some time and observe your garage doors. You can repair the garage door tracks but to avoid any further damage you should call our experienced technicians. They have the right tools and know how to work safely. Furthermore, they are capable of doing the job efficiently.

Test the balance

You can check the balance of your garage door on your own to keep it working smoothly. Disconnect the door from garage door opener and open it half. Leave the garage door open and if it closes automatically, your garage door needs help. Its balance might be disturbed or maybe the garage door springs are not tightened. If you ignore the balancing, your garage door openers need more force to operate. In case of loose springs, do not go near your garage doors as they may fall anytime. It is the time to call the professionals for spring replacement as it is not an easy job.

Moreover, garage door cables hold a maximum weight of your heavy door so do not risk your safety with damaged garage door cables. Do not try to move them as they can cause serious injuries. Call our garage door specialists as they are aware of all the safety rules and can handle the job well.

Check the bolts and screw

Sometimes garage door repair is as simple as tightening the screws and bolts. Therefore, for your garage door maintenance, you need to check your doors regularly and keep the screws tight to avoid any danger. If you are not good with the tools, do not attempt the garage door installation or repair. Our technically trained team is available for your help anytime.

Replace the rollers

Garage door rollers that are cracked or chipped needs immediate repairing. They create a loud sound. Do not try to replace the rollers as this is something that professionals can do better. Call us as we are one of the most affordable garage door installation companies near you and get a technician for your repairing work.


Your garage door might not be working because the batteries are dead. Therefore, before calling professionals check the transmitter’s battery. Connect the batteries to the garage door and your garage doors will be fine again. However, if that does not work call the technicians to examine the problem before it is late.

Choose your garage door company wisely as improper garage door installation can lead to further damage. You can rely on our services as we are promising, licensed and insured. We provide excellent services for your garage door that will keep your door operational for a long time. You will not need the services of any other garage door repair company after taking our professional services. With so many reasons, you should not search for any other company when we are available in town. For more details visit our website or mail us at

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