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Are You Looking For Quality Phone Repair Services In Philadelphia, PA?

Mars MOBILE Accessories & Repair Service offers quality phone repair services and quality phone accessories in Philadelphia, PA.

Our quality phone repair services include iPhone repair services, iPhone screen repair services, Apple iPhone accessories, different types of mobile phone accessories, and battery repair services. We also provide mobile screen repair, mobile battery replacement, smartphone repair, iPhone 7 screen 7 repair, iPhone 7S repair, iPhone 8 repair, iPhone 8S repair, iPhone 8 screen repair, iPhone 10 repair, iPhone 10 screen repair, broken front panel repair, iPad repair services, and iPad screen repair. You can also count on us for charging port repair, charging port replacement, used cell phone repair, mobile water damage repair, and cell phone water damage repair. Mars MOBILE Accessories & Repair Service offers affordable services in Philadelphia, PA.

If your cell phone goes down, we will fix it! We are Philadelphia, PA’s most reliable phone repair company that offers top-of-the-line phone repair services at affordable rates!

Get Your Phone Fixed By Professionals!

We are the local phone repair company that offers a range of quality mobile phone repair services in Philadelphia, PA but mobile phone repair is not the only job we do. Smartphone repair is what we do but there is a host of related services that we offer to our valued customers in the city. Our services are mainly comprised of the following;

  • Quality Phone Repair Services & Quality Phone Accessories
  • iPhone Repair Services Including iPhone Screen Repair Services & Apple iPhone Accessories
  • Different Types Of Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Battery Repair Services & Mobile Screen Repair
  • Charging Port Replacement & Charging Port Repair
  • Cell Phone Water Damage Repair, Used Cell Phone Repair, & Used Mobile Repair

We offer Samsung phone repair, iPhone and iPad repair, LG mobile phone repair and all other brands as well. Here is a look at what we can do for you:

Quality Phone Repair Services

The screen is the most sensitive part of the mobile phone and when you drop the phone, it is the part that is most likely to get damaged. Mobile phone screen repair is one of the trickiest and skill-demanding jobs, especially when it comes to iPhone screen replacement or repair. The mechanism of an iPhone is much complicated than the other brands, so it can be a little challenging to find a reputable iPhone repair technician.

We have a team of specialized phone screen repair technicians that you can hire for:

  • iPhone 7 Screen Repair & iPhone 7S Repair
  • iPhone 8 Repair, iPhone 8 Screen Repair, & iPhone 8S Repair
  • iPhone 10 Repair & iPhone 10 Screen Repair
  • iPad Repair Services Including iPad Screen Repair

Our cell phone screen replacement technicians will replace your cell phone broken screen in a way that you will feel like the original company fitting. Our technicians are doing cell phone screen replacement for a long time, so you can expect us to exceed your expectations. We also offer LG mobile repair, LG mobile screen repair, Samsung phone repair, & Samsung mobile screen repair. We also offer Apple iPhone accessories and other different types of mobile phone accessories to our customers. Instead of searching for iPhone repair near Philadelphia, PA, reach out to us!

Water Damage Repair

Mobile water damage can cause many serious problems with the touch, LCD, and hardware, leaving you unable to perform many of your daily activities on the phone.

We specialize in Samsung, LG, and iPhone water damage repairs. We recommend you to immediately power off your phone and take out its battery after water damage. After that, immediately procure our services so that we can help you with the most optimal phone repair services.

Mobile Phone Battery Replacement

One of the most common issues that people with used or old phones face is worse battery timing. If your phone battery lasts only half a day, then it would be a really annoying situation. No phone battery is supposed to drain that quickly, so there must be something wrong with the battery of your phone. This is where you need the mobile battery replacement to get the battery backup time of your phone back to normal.

Our phone battery replacement services include, but not limited to iPhone battery replacement, Samsung battery replace and replacing the batteries of all other cell phones. We promise you the best results with our high-quality batteries that will significantly improve the backup of your phone battery.

Smartphone Unlocking

Have you forgot your iCloud password or do you have a locked Samsung phone? If yes, then you should use our smartphone unlocking services as we also offer iPhone iCloud removal and Samsung password removal, etc. In fact, we can unlock any phone of any brand so that you can start using your expensive device with its full features.

Why Should You Hire Mars MOBILE Accessories & Repair Service?

  • We Are Mobile Wholesale Dealers
  • We Offer Different Types Of Mobile Phone Accessories
  • We Offer Diverse Phone Repair Services
  • We Are Committed To Quality
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Instead of searching for ‘best phone repair shop near me,’ Call us right now, if you have a faulty Smartphone and you need to get it fixed the same day. You can also schedule service on our website. For further information, please feel free to send us your emails at, anytime.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 908-565-4500

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