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A Complete Guide to Home Inspection in Frisco TX

Our services come with the 3P vision. We offer Pre-inspection, Pro-Inspection, and Post-Inspection as well. When you contact our home inspector for home inspection, he will provide you with a FREE Housefax report that contains a detailed history of the house in question. A pre-inspection visit to the house (on request) is also free.

At My Home Inspector LLC, we take pride in the fact that our home inspector has over 40 years of experience in construction. It is this vast experience and the manifold knowledge that comes with it that places us in a position to not only identify the weaknesses but also provide you with solutions.

Who Should Consider Home Inspection?

The home inspection is a vital element; think of it as an insurance against any unfavorable incidents. Even if you’re selling a house, carrying out home inspection will enable you to be aware of the weaknesses and be upfront about them at least (rather than the buyer finding out via their home inspection – oops) if you don’t want to fix them. A home inspection is for everyone and should be carried out religiously. You wouldn’t want to expose yourself or your family to hazardous place, would you?

Common Issues That Home Inspection Finds

A home inspection will provide you with a complete list of issues that might have been overlooked by an untrained eye. Such issues include improperly installed commodes, loose electric connections, and covered vents to list a few. A home inspector will spend hours during a home inspection to pinpoint such faults and bring them to your notice. The difference between us and a regular home inspector though? Where a regular home inspector will take 2-3 hours, our home inspector will take 4-5 hours. No, he’s not slow he’s just extremely thorough and loves his work.

What Are The Areas That Home Inspection Covers?

Home inspection covers a myriad of items in the house including but not limited to foundation, electrical, and plumbing. It also entails air conditioning, roofing, and sprinklers. Termite, mold, and septic tank are also included. Our home inspector, with his massive experience of the construction industry, shall make sure that all of these areas are addressed and checked properly.

We Use Latest Equipment

Our home inspector will carry out home inspection using the competent software and inspection tools. We are especially proud of our FLIR (E-6) Thermal Imaging Camera that is capable of detecting even the tiniest of leaks in ductwork up to 75’ across the attic. It can also identify water leaks behind walls.

Lifetime Consultants For Your Home

We’ll be always available (FREE of cost) as your home consultant for as long as you own the home. When you purchase a home you are offered a warranty for a year by the builder. This means that during the next year, you can make a list of items that need to be fixed and have them fixed by the builder before the warranty period expires. Our home inspector will carry out home inspection free of cost and shall help you finalize an exhaustive list of items to be repaired. You’ll be saving hundreds of dollars this way.

A home inspection is a task that requires dedication, an eye for detail and passion. That’s exactly what our home inspector is an embodiment of! We offer highly competitive pricing, in fact; we will beat any equal, written quote that you might get from elsewhere. You can contact us at larry@myhomeinsp.com for setting up an appointment for your home inspection.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 469-996-2974

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