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Looking for Wholesale Electrical Supply in Garden City MI?

Are you planning on setting up a service in Garden City MI and looking for a wholesale electrical supply? Or maybe you’re already offering electrical service in the area and just want to find a better wholesale electrical supply? Have you been purchasing from retailers and are looking for better prices without compromising on quality? Whatever the case may be, here at Electrical Industries, you’ll find that we have all that an electrical contractor needs. Every electrical contractor is on the lookout for finding a better wholesale electrical supply house that can provide the required items readily and at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Our business has been designed to meet this very requirement of the electrical contractor.

Wholesale Supply vs. Retailers

As an electrical contractor, you will need larger amounts of certain electrical components and pricing will matter a lot when you’re purchasing in bulk. Why should you buy in bulk? Why not? When you’re offering services as complex as electrical services, it makes sense to purchase items in bulk from a wholesale supply rather than purchasing from retail stores. This helps you, the electrical contractor, to save money while ensuring that you’re always well-stocked to cater to your clients’ needs. We understand the needs of a talented electrical contractor (that’s you) providing electrical service and offer nothing but the best of tools to facilitate you in your business at competent pricing.

Quality of Electrical Components You Use

As an electrical contractor, your success largely depends on the quality of the work and components used in the work. The electrical items vary in nature and function greatly and it’s a well-known proverb that the chain is as strong as its weakest link. You might have used high quality and durable wiring but the outlet might be of poor quality thus rendering your whole work as an electrical contractor questionable. Not to mention; using by standard quality components places the user at risk of an injury. That is exactly why it is of prime importance that you select your supplier objectively and with due consideration. At Electrical Industries we understand this concept and strive to provide you with nothing but the best. By ensuring that we provide our customers with quality products we are essentially ensuring their business’ growth.

Examples of Electrical Merchandise we offer

At Electrical Industries, we offer receptacles, switch plate covers and GFCI outlets at up to 70% off the retail prices to the electrical contractors. Let’s take a look at two items that an electrical contractor needs almost on every job and why it makes more sense to purchase them in bulk from a reputable electrical supply house (you can read more about other items on the website).

Blank Wall Plate

As an electrical contractor, you all are aware of the blank wall plate. These plates serve a dual purpose; first, they will cover a hole in the wall following the removal of an outlet from a particular area of the house or office and secondly, they come in handy when in future you do want to install an outlet or are looking for an access to electrical wiring. A wise electrical contractor will plan ahead by making use of these plates. This approach cuts down on time and expense and leaves room for future work as well without having to drill holes in the wall for access purpose. At Electrical Industries, we are aware of the importance of blank wall plates and offer free shipping on them. As an electrical contractor, you might be tempted to purchase them from a retailer but did you know that they are sold at 1/10th the retail price by wholesale distributors (that’s us)?

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are another item that is very inexpensive, to begin with, and quite common. But what if you wanted the 6-gang version? That will be difficult to find in some places. We offer these switches in varying gang formations and even offer an 80-90% discount on the retail price.

Bulk Purchase Means Higher Profits

As is apparent, when electrical contractor is making a purchase in bulk all of these numbers add up and the profits go through the roof. At Electrical Industries, we even offer our customers our guarantee of maintaining steady prices despite the price variation in the International commodities market. We also offer our clients a price protection guarantee and follow up on each purchase made as well.

Choosing Between Quality and Cost

When you’re working as an electrical contractor in Garden City MI, it becomes imperative to make profits while providing quality. The best way to go about is by ensuring that as an electrical contractor you’re able to cut down costs on the electrical supplies. However, the electrical contractor is supposed to strike a balance between quality and cost. We understand this struggle and provide the electrical contractor with the best quality at the best price possible.

Saving You Money Is Our Motto

For us, customer satisfaction means the world and therefore we offer great return policies in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase. We also understand that shipping costs are a hassle and mostly waive them off for our customers. We also understand that electrical contractor needs the tools right away and therefore we maintain high inventory levels thus ensuring that electrical contractor is always well-stocked. We offer a number of electrical merchandise that you can select from including GFCI electrical supplies, electrical receptacles, electrical switches and a myriad of wall plate covers.

It is our business to save electrical contractor money. Simply put; we flourish when our clients do. Our merchandise comes with a 90-day return warranty and quality assurance guarantee as well. We value the commitment we make to our clients and honor them with unparalleled enthusiasm and vigor. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality so that your business grows and to do so at a price that is competitive and affordable. We maintain high inventory levels as mentioned before to ensure that our customers get what they need when they need it. You can reach us at our email ricielectric@hotmail.com for placing orders and starting off a business relationship built on trust. 

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