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Want To Hire The Right Moving Company in Houston TX?

Houston, we have a problem! Yes, the dreadful moment you’ve avoided for so long is here. You have to move house in Houston TX and have no idea where to start from. Welcome to the nightmare that so many of us go through. All hope is not lost though; you have found A-1 Dan’s Discount Movers! We are the best moving company working in your neighborhood ensuring that moving homes becomes a less dreaded adventure.

Sounds like a regular sales pitch? Full of promises and nothing of value? Think again. We believe in providing value to our customer and that’s what our whole act is about. We will add value to your hunt for finding the right moving company by walking you through the processes involved in finding the right moving company.  Yes, that’s how much we are committed to helping you all out there panicking about the moving day. Relax, it’s going to be okay!

Do You Even Need a Moving Company?

This is a debate that you will be a part of several times. You’ll hear stories about how certain amazing know-it-all people were able to move house in Houston TX on their own without any difficulty and hiccups. Our advice is to ignore them. There’s a reason why the very first professional moving company was founded and that’s because the task isn’t as easy as it may seem in the start. The devil is in the details and we are attuned to finding the details and catering to them. Besides, trying to move houses without the help from a moving company might strike as a very smart idea right up to the point where you start moving and realize at the end of moving that the cost of hiring a professional moving company would have been only a fraction of the damages incurred. Be SMART!

Alright, How Do You Choose The Moving Company?

The answer to this is multi-faceted but don’t worry. We promised value to you and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. We shall guide you about the factors that you need to consider while selecting the moving company in Houston TX and we shall simultaneously tell you about how great we are at what we do thus helping you gain a better understanding of the characteristics of a good moving company and what to expect from them.

Does the moving company have reviews?

Satisfied customers love to leave reviews that speak volumes about the quality of service they were provided with. We know that because our customers leave us with heartwarming reviews and thank you notes for the amazing service we provide them. So, when searching for the moving company in Houston TX, you should pay heed to the online reviews.

How Long Has The Moving Company Been In Business for?

The longer the better in most scenarios. Why? An experienced moving company understands all the gritty processes of moving. They are better at devising methodologies that are successful. You want a moving company that has tested ways of effective and efficient moving. That’s what we offer (thanks to your 28 years of experience) and that is exactly what you should look for in a moving company.

A Moving Company That Cares

Moving your home is no easy task. We all develop attachments with our stuff and a moving company should be considerate of this fact. We understand that your belongings are important and exposed to potential threat during moving. We do all that is in our capacity to ensure the safety of your valuables. We have had years of practice when it comes to the handling of various sorts of belonging. That’s exactly what you need to look for in a moving company.

Competitive Pricing

This is important folks! Do not settle for cheap prices for they come with substandard services as well. Moving a house and ensuring the safety of your belongings is important and you should be willing to invest the required budget. However, that doesn’t mean you need to overpay the moving company. We offer competitive pricing to our customers. Pricing that is affordable and upfront. There are no hidden or extra charges that any other moving company might come up with during the move. No sir, we are all about integrity.

Ask for Details, It’s Your Right

We are probably only one of the few moving companies in Houston TX that will encourage customers to ask for details. Ask and you shall receive! As a moving service, it is crucial to be aware of all the details. That’s exactly why we will ask you for details and welcome you to ask for details as well. You should be aware of the moving company’s process for moving. Ask them about what will be the line of action. Ask for the details; do they offer to package of furniture? What will be the mode of transportation? How many persons will be available on a moving day? How much time will it take? We provide this information without even being asked for!

Getting the Estimate

Once you’ve shortlisted the moving companies, it is time to schedule meetings with their estimators. It is imperative that the estimator from moving company asks you for details. The estimator should be noting down details and ideally asking for details that will prove beneficial on moving day. For instance; our estimator thoroughly checks the items that need to be moved. She/he will ask you about the place you’re moving to; is there a staircase? How wide? Our estimator will be more interested in getting all the details right rather than presenting you with an estimate (he/she will, eventually though). We advise that any moving company whose estimator rushes towards presenting you with the estimate without asking all the details shouldn’t be hired.

Our company is proud of the transparency in our services. We take out the time to explain to the customers about all the procedures and the involved stages of starting and completing the move. We believe it is the duty of the moving company to simplify the moving process for clients. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that from the moment you contact us to the completion of the move, you are able to relax while we do the heavy lifting (literally). A large volume of our business is generated by recommendations from satisfied customers and we believe this to be the testament of our great service. You can contact us at for scheduling a visit.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 832-605-3031

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