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Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are you stuck with dirty rugs and carpets that foil the overall look of the house? Did you try to clean the carpets all by yourself but wasn’t happy with the results? If yes, then we offer dependable services at modest rates. Your Name offers reliable carpet cleaning solutions and this, in turn, increase the overall beauty of the house. We mix conventional cleaning techniques with modern tools to ensure optimum performance on all our projects.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it?

Absolutely! When you get carpet cleaning done by professionals you’re enhancing your living environment. At Your Name we define that as a visual improvement, soil and odor removal, allergen removal and sanitization of your carpets. Let’s look at the benefits of professional carpet cleaning in detail and see why it is so important for your health and home.

Expertise In Carpet Cleaning Service

When you hire Your Name, you’re essentially hiring professionals who have been trained to ascertain the most suitable cleaning solutions and pre-treatments for your carpet while also choosing the cleaning method. What’s the difference between when you do it and when we do it? Your Name will successfully remove all deep-rooted stains. Our carpet cleaning team of professionals is well-versed in all sorts of carpets and their corresponding fiber. Thus we are much better suited to identifying the correct cleaning method for your carpet that’s so dear to you.

Methodology of Carpet Cleaning Service

At Your Name we have access to the equipment and tools specifically designed for carpet cleaning. We are trained when it comes to using cleaning treatments and solutions for an effective and thorough cleaning of your carpets. There are different treatments for different scenarios pertinent to spills, stains and then there are treatments for imparting protection to the fiber of carpet. Our team will come with its arsenal of powerful vacuum cleaners that will be employed for removing debris and dirt from deep within the carpet.

Prolonging The Carpet’s Life

When you hire Your Name, you’re basically providing your carpet with the care and treatment it needs to ensure that it lives a long life and is useful to you for the years to come. Think of hiring professional help as a way of prolonging your carpet’s life, which is equivalent to you protecting your investment.

Time Is Money

When you’re trying to clean the carpet on your own, chances are you’ll spend quite a lot of time moving the furniture around (given that you’re particular about cleanliness) and then you’ll vacuum the carpet. All this effort for what? You won’t be able to clean it properly with that regular vacuum of yours. Why not save yourself the trouble and time by hiring Your Name to do the task professionally and effectively?

Taking Care of Infestations/Dust Mites

Ha! I clean my carpet regularly. There are no infestations and/or dust mites in it. Right? Truth be told, you couldn’t be more wrong. Your carpet is the breeding ground for bacteria and germs that are being accumulated over years. The cleaning that you do isn’t effective enough to remove the germs and infestations from the carpet. It is only by hiring professional carpet cleaners such as Your Name that you can rest easy knowing that the carpets are free of disease.

What Does Your Name Offer?

Now that you know what hazards you have been exposing yourself and your family too by not hiring professional carpet cleaners, let us talk about why it’s never too late and how you can make amends by scheduling with Your Name. Your Name is a local and family-owned business that is known for its quality service and results. The services not only include carpet cleaning; we also offer upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and stretching and repairs.

Cleaning that Floors You!

With us, you’re hiring a carpet cleaning service that is being run by experts when it comes to carpet cleaning. We guarantee satisfaction to customers and in fact, we even have a 30-day no questions asked warranty period. It means, that if you’re not satisfied with the cleaning results, we shall return at your convenience and free of charge to repair/amend any issues. We are up-front about the pricing and quote the all-inclusive pricing. There will be no additional charges after work or during work. We have our own truck-mounted equipment and we make use of biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals for carpet cleaning. We offer free estimates and are the best-known experts in the area when it comes to steam cleaning.

Your Name Processes Defined

Your Name will send a team of two professionals for your carpet cleaning. You will be provided with complete pricing before the work commences – most of the professional carpet cleaners will add up charges as they go about working and you are left with little choice. Our team will call you before heading up to your place so that you’re apprised. How do we ensure that your carpets receive the professional and thorough treatment that they need?

Dry Vacuuming

Our team will start with dry vacuuming. It is the best practice to get as much of dry dirt out of the way before you start applying chemicals or steam to the carpet.

Spot & Traffic Lane Pre-Treatment

Once the dry soil has been removed, the team will pre-spray formulated in order to loosen up the compressed dirt in heavy traffic areas, walkways and stains. This way, the areas of carpets that take the most beating are catered to especially.

Deodorizing Enzymes and/or Oxidizers

This step deals with the application of solutions for killing off germs and for the removal of odors.

Steam Extraction Cleaning

The next phase deals with the deep cleaning. The deep cleaning is carried out by making use of our powerful hot water extraction equipment. We will flush out all of the contaminants from the carpet all the way through. This technique allows us to remove stains, kill off germs and rinse out detergents. Extra drying passes are then done in order to remove as much of soil as is possible while ensuring efficient drying time.


Upon request, our team will also make use of a pike rake to groom the carpet once it has been cleaned thoroughly. This enables our team to minimize the appearance of machine or tool patterns while also helping us to spread additional deodorizer or stain guard applications on the carpet.

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