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How many of you have read the following; If a man says he will fix it, he will, there’s no need to remind him every 6 months? More importantly, how many of you are victims of this seemingly funny statement? Do you have a home maintenance to-do list that keeps on growing and is too overwhelming? Are you tired of balancing career, family and maintaining a beautiful abode? I know the feeling all too well and that’s exactly why I am here for you, say hello to McHandy Services operating in Mesa AZ.

Home maintenance is something that requires time and attention to detail; something that lacks in today’s world. You cannot get work done when you keep getting messages from social media or when you’re being bombarded with emails from work on a weekend. If all of this sounds too familiar, then you’ve come to the right place. My handyman services are focused on alleviating the stress you’re feeling from that unfinished to-do list.

Why Hire Handyman services?

Have you ever wondered about different ideas that you vow to execute one day and improve your home? We’ve all been there and we all know what happens; you come up with amazing ideas ranging from a certain water feature to a tree house to adding some extra shelves or drawers to your humble abode and so on and so forth. The idea is highly appealing and you do believe that it will improve your home, however, you just never move to the actualization of these awesome ideas. I say; Let’s Do It! That is my motto and that’s the core idea behind the handyman services that I offer to my clients. You’ve got an idea? Great. Is it out of the box? Even better. Call me so that we can discuss it, improve on it and eventually materialize your amazing idea.

Has This Been Your Experience With Handyman Services?

Usually when you hire handyman services, what you get is a team of professionals (or not) that just wants to get to work without fully understanding what you want or need and once the end product is ready you are left wondering; is that what I really wanted? Does that remind you of your past experiences with handyman services? I bet it does.

The McHandy Difference

When it comes to hiring handyman services, you’re asking for professionals of the said handyman services to come over to your place and work on the task at hand. This means you’ll be spending some time with the handyman services’ professional and it is imperative that the handyman understands what you want and pay attention to detail. Right? You don’t want to hire handyman services that is rude, doesn’t listen and at the end of the day give you the results that you didn’t ask for in the first place. I have, over the years, gained a comprehensive understanding of what clients need from their handyman services in Mesa AZ and how to cater to them. I call this approach of mine; the McHandy Difference. What is the McHandy difference and why am I going on about it? It as a four-point mission statement that defines my handyman services.

An All-Rounder

Firstly, I have extensive experience and skill in multiple trades when compared with other handyman services. This means I can also do your indoor tasks ranging from TV mounting to shelves creation and your outdoor tasks as well without breaking a sweat.

Understanding What You Have In Mind

Secondly, I focus on actively listening (notice the use of listening instead of hearing that most of the handyman services do) and taking notes in order to fully comprehend the client’s needs. This means that I will fully indulge with you in completely understanding what you have in mind and how to actualize it.

Attention to Detail

Thirdly, I believe that the devil is in the details and therefore I pay extra attention to detail which reflects in the quality craftsmanship that my clients enjoy.

Getting the Job Done Right

Lastly, the focus of my handyman services is to create satisfied customers and therefore I make sure that the job is done right.

Still doubtful?

Alright, I understand. You still have doubts about whether you should hire McHandy services or not. Let me put it this way; do you want to hire a service that works solely for the purpose of making money or do you want to hire the handyman services that works because it LOVES fixing things and is out there to make customers satisfied and happy? I bet you’d go with the latter because when a person enjoys doing a certain work, the quality of the work being done increases manifold. I would strongly suggest that you hire handyman services that actually cares about your home and your ideas more than the cheque it will be receiving for its services. McHandy services for one is more interested in hearing about your unique, creative and borderline crazy idea(s) that you have for your home and bringing them into reality. What I specialize, in a nutshell, is giving the ideas that have been brewing in your mind a physical shape – and a darn good one while I’m at it.

Things McHandy Services Can Do for You

That’s a fair question, my friend. If I was to answer honestly; almost everything that you need done. I will take care of your home-maintenance to-do list. Let’s say you want to build a shed? I’m your guy! Maybe you want to repair the doors and hang up frames? Call me! Or are you looking to utilize the empty spaces in your house by building drawers or shelves? I’m an expert! So, whether you need plumbing and electrical repairs or if you need help with TV mounting, McHandy Services in Mesa AZ is here to cater your needs.

My offer to you that you can’t refuse is; let me do for you what I love to do – thus enabling you to do the stuff that’s important to you. Feel free to contact me at my email and we can discuss in detail about the amazing ideas you have.  

For details, Please feel free to call us at 480-797-0644

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