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Why No Contract Phones Are Becoming Popular

The debate for pros and cons of prepaid phones is an ongoing debate. However, they are increasingly becoming popular because of the versatility that they bring. Boost Mobile of Redford in Garden City MI heard that you asked for better phones, minimal commitment, and amazing services. That’s not all, we also know you want it for an affordable price. Guess what? We’re here to deliver because ask and you shall receive!

Benefits of No Contract Phones

The biggest and most obvious benefit is that of freedom. You are no longer bound to the service that you have grown to dislike. You can easily switch over to another service and enjoy better deals. Deals that are forthcoming because of market’s competition. You also benefit in terms of cost when you opt for prepaid phones. You will be saving a considerable amount when you opt for them as opposed to contract phones. There’s a stark difference between the fees of prepaid/postpaid on them and terms are more transparent. Apart from the cost benefit, there are no credit checks when you’re opting for no contract phones. Let’s say you had to go overseas.  If you own one of the no contract phones, you could simply put the SIM card from the country you’re visiting and you’re good to go. Goes without saying, but you own your phone! It is unlocked and it’s up to you what you do with it. Apart from all these benefits, if you’re on a GSM-based network you have a large variety of no contract phones to select from. When you switch from metro pcs to boost Mobile of Redford, you get to enjoy 4 line unlimited gigs and free phones.

How Do No Contract Phones Work

The customer simply pays for everything up front and gets what is paid for. You simply select the phone you want from no contract phones and purchase it. Then you pick a plan with the desired carrier and pay the amount. That’s it, you’re good to go! You don’t have to bear with annual contracts, credit checks, monthly bills and the roaming charges. The prepaid plans for no contract phones also offer daily and monthly payment options. Therefore, it is important that you have enough money in your account to make the next payment.

Questions About No Contract Phones

We understand that many people are new to no contract phones and have questions. Here are answers to the most asked questions when it comes to no contract phones.

Is It Right For Me?

The no contract phones impart freedom to their owners. You get to pay upfront and you get to choose when you’re done with the phone. With our service, you can simply pick the phone that works for you and get grooving. You don’t have to wait for the contract to end before switching phones and that’s the biggest perk. That is, apart from the control you get over the budget.

Can I find a good phone on a prepaid plan?

Yes, you can. That’s exactly what we offer. You have a wide variety of no contract phones to choose from. You can select phones from Apple, Motorola, Samsung and HTC and so many other best-known manufacturers. In fact, with us, you get to buy phones on deals thus saving large amounts of money.

Why Choose Boost Mobile for No Contract Phones

Large Number of Phones to Select From

Our large collection of no contract phones speaks for itself. We have phones that will meet your needs and budget. Ranging from Android-powered phones to QWERTY messaging phones and even basic phones. Of course, you can also select the high-end phones over here as well. You can also buy certified pre-owned phones that will allow you to save big. It’s a win-win situation!

Amazing Monthly Plans

With our no contract phone line, you get to save big and enjoy simple payment options. You will be enjoying a less expensive cell phone plan. You’re no longer bound by the long-term commitments of contract phones. You also get to enjoy unlimited plans that start at $35/month. With the data packs, you’re always set for a data binge. Whenever you want more 3G/4G data, simply add a data pack and enjoy the connectivity to the Internet.

Reliable Service

Many contract phone owners claim to be a victim of louse network service. We offer nationwide Sprint network with our no contract phones. You can enjoy the reliable network without any roaming charges and minimal dropped calls. In fact, you’ll be getting stronger reception and faster speeds. In case you’re not happy with the service, you always have the option of choosing another network unlike with contract phones.


We also offer insurance for your precious phone. By getting phone insurance, your investment is protected in case of theft or accidental damage. It will also cover any out-of-warranty electrical or mechanical breakdown. Selected smartphones can also be loaded with the protection of Gadget Guardian powered by Lookout. The process has been designed with the ease and convenience of the customer in mind. In case of an unfortunate incident, you will receive the replacement as early as the next business day (subject to claim approval).

Armed Forces

We are thankful for the selfless service that our armed forces provide us with. Therefore, we offer many benefits to military personnel. We allow them to keep their phones numbers and accounts active even when they are deployed out of the country. You won’t have to worry about service charges or activation fees if you’re enrolled in our Boost Mobile Deployed Military Program. Using our International Connect service, your friends and family can remain connected with you without overpaying.

We hope you find the best-prepaid phone for yourself. If you need any help, feel free to contact us at We’ll be more than happy to guide you and help you make the right purchase. A purchase that meets your requirements and doesn’t sabotage your budget. We cater to metro store, cricket store, T-Mobile store, and Verizon store. We will also make sure to tell you about various deals that are available at the moment of your purchase so that you take the right and informed decision. Good luck and switch to boost for unparalleled services!

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