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With over 20 years of experience, Carpet Transformers is your one-stop solution for all of your carpeting needs. Our carpet repair is especially well-known in Buford GA because of the level of quality we provide.

Types of Carpet Repair We offer

We highly advocate prompt responses when it comes to your carpet. Even a small tear in the fabric could become a huge hole if left unattended. The moment you spot a problem, we suggest you opt for the carpet repair experts. We are capable of fixing the common and rare carpet problems to provide you with floors that are in amazing condition. We pride ourselves on being competent and experts when it comes to carpet repair services in Buford GA. We offer the following carpet repair services.

Patch Repair

Almost all of us have fallen victim to those hideous patches in our beautiful carpets. Many of you have probably rearranged the furniture so that the patch has been covered. Right? Try our carpet repair service so that your carpet is freed of these patches. These patches usually form because of pet urine, bleach spills etc. Our carpet repair team will fix those patches for you in an effective and efficient manner.

Seam Repair

It is vital that you look for signs of fraying at the seams. Seam damage can be attributed to a number of factors; water damage, poor installation and pet stains. The fraying at the seams can be happening to an otherwise good carpet. That’s why you need expert carpet repair services. We will not only determine if seam requires repair but will carry out those repairs for you.


What many of you don’t realize is that properly stretching the carpet is a crucial aspect of carpet installation. A lot of carpet installation services miss out on this vital step. It is imperative that if your carpet was not stretched properly prior to installation, it gets re-stretched as soon as possible. Settling of the carpet can also call for re-stretching. Re-stretching is also required when you’re moving furniture around. When it comes to carpet repair, a good re-stretching can solve a number of issues.

Padding Replacement

What’s the best thing about your new carpet? Yes, it is the softness of your carpet! However, over time, the padding that imparts this softness to your carpet hardens up and breaks down. Once that happens, it is time for you to contact carpet repair service. We will replace the padding and shall even install your carpet back in its place.

Buckled Carpet

Buckling of carpet is a common occurrence. It can be attributed to a number of reasons such as improper carpet installation or insufficient stretching. You need not worry if your carpet has started buckling, simply contact our carpet repair team. Our carpet repair team will fix the carpet buckling for you by performing the required repairs.

Are We Only Famous In Buford GA For Our Carpet Repair Service?

Carpet Installation

Our carpet repair service is amazing, no doubt, but that’s not all we’re famous for. Apart from carpet repair, we also provide carpet installation service. Our carpet installation service is famous in Buford GA because the process is simple.

Once you’ve contacted us for your carpet installation project, a professional installer shall be sent to your place. She or he will take measurements of the areas that you need the carpet installed for.

Our staff member will also bring samples of padding and carpet for you to select from. We offer a variety of carpets and paddings; color, type, and budget-wise. You can also choose to bring your own material and our team will install the carpet only.

Our carpet installation team is professional, competent and committed to excellence. We make use of power stretchers when it comes to carpet installation and also offer 12-month installation warranty.

Carpet Cleaning Via Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is the actual name of the process that’s more commonly known as steam cleaning. As to why it is called hot water extraction; the process involves a mixture of hot water and cleaning agents that are applied to your carpet at a very high pressure. This mixture shakes up the dirt, grime, and soil and loosens it. Next, we vacuum the carpet to lift up the mixture along with the loosened up dirt. Hot water extraction is the industry’s most valued technique when it comes to carpet cleaning. It is known because of its effectiveness. In fact, many carpet warranties explicitly state that you use hot water extraction (steam cleaning) for cleaning your carpet. That’s exactly why we make use of hot water extraction technique to clean your carpets thoroughly and effectively.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Apart from carpet repair and installation, we also provide the residents of Buford GA with tile & grout cleaning services. We all know that the task of cleaning tiles is messy and time-consuming. The worst part? Despite hours of agonized efforts, you won’t be able to do a satisfactory job. Why not hire professional help?

We offer trained technicians for tile & grout cleaning. They kick off the work by carrying out floor inspection to determine which treatment process and cleaning agent will be best for your place. We employ the use of steam cleaners for achieving desired results. Our steam cleaners make use of pressurized water with vacuum combination to ensure that even the deep-seated dirt is removed from your tiles.

That’s not where we stop with our tile & grout cleaning process. We go a step further; we will apply a clear sealant to protect the grout and ensure that it continues to sparkle for a long time. This sealant works as a safety buffer in case of spills and stains. It usually takes us about 30-60 minutes to clean an average-sized room (up to 300 sq. ft.). If you add sealant into the process, the process requires about 2-3 hours. 

Why Choose Us?

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau rates us A+.


We have received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Attention to Detail

Our staff is meticulous when it comes to cleaning and repair. You can rest assured knowing that your carpets and floors are in capable hands.


We have over 20 years of experience working in Buford GA. This experience reflects via the quality of workmanship that we provide.

Carpets are built to last. However, it is very important to your carpet’s health that you pay attention to what’s going on with the carpet. We tend to take them for granted, which wrong. So, how can you take care of carpet? Ensuring that you wipe up the spills right away, keeping an eye on your pets and regular cleaning are just a few of the ways you can ensure a long carpet life. Despite all these precautions, you will come face to face with a damaged carpet. When that happens, contact us right away and we’ll be happy to fix your problem at an affordable rate. You can contact us for more details and to schedule an appointment.


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