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Peace of Mind Home Inspection Company has been working for 5 years to justify its name as a home inspection company in Newburgh NY. We stand as one of the best home inspection companies in Newburgh NY. Our inspection services cover a wide range that includes property inspection, home inspection, mold inspection, radon inspection and more. A home inspection is a complicated process as it takes a lot of detailed work that only a trained person can do. We are capable of providing foolproof home inspection as each member of the inspection team is licensed to do the job. We have professional home inspectors that can identify the problems such as internal leaks, cracks in the walls and other hidden defaults. We help you by making sure that you’re aware of the pros and cons of the house you’re about to sell or buy.

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Our Home Inspection Services for everyone

A home inspection is crucial because of what’s at stake; determining the integrity of your home. Our professionals have the right tools and years of experience that help them to protect you from any undesirable situation. Whether you are constructing a new home or buying a new property, we help you by ensuring that you make informed decisions.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Our pre-purchase home inspection process includes the inspection of each item used in your house. It includes doors testing, window testing, testing of roofing material, checking air conditioning and heating systems. Our team investigates each corner of the house with an observant eye to provide an authentic report of the property you are about to buy. Our home inspection team will check the functionality of each product such as sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and more.

New Construction Inspections

Home Inspection is essential for new construction as it checks the quality of material used. A general contractor is responsible for providing a solid structure for the building and installation of basic systems. After the construction is complete, call our expert home inspection team to analyze the house. During your home inspection, we inspect all the utility connections such as gas, electricity and water system. This post-construction inspection is beneficial as it gives you the assurance that your building is safe for living.

Pre-warranty Expiration Inspection

Generally, contractors provide a year’s warranty on newly constructed buildings. We can help you with our pre-warrant expiration inspection service. This is usually done in the 11th month of the 1-year warranty. The inspection is similar to other inspections and highlights the faults in the material used or other construction faults that may have surfaced during the year of usage. A detailed report along with the digital photographs will be presented to you that can be shown to the contractor to claim the warranty. This service of ours helps you save big time! 

Multi-unit housing

A home inspection is equally important for the buyer and seller. However, you can avail the benefits only if you get a reliable home inspector to do the inspection. At Peace of Mind Home Inspection, we have talented and expert staff that inspect your home thoroughly. They do their best to make sure that everything is accounted for. Therefore, do not risk your home security and reliability and contact us right away to carry out a detailed home inspection for you.

Mold Inspection

Our Home inspection team also provides mold inspection for your buildings. Mold grows in a damp area where they can easily hide from human eyes but our professionals make use of latest techniques and equipment to detect them. Mold is dangerous for your health as it can cause allergies and breathing disorders to the people living in the building. To be sure that your home is mold-free, call us for a mold inspection. Do not wait until it becomes difficult to handle the problem. Our team will perform a detailed check-up and inform you if mold has infested your home and the extent of the damage.  

Why Home Inspection from Our Professional is Beneficial

During the home inspection process, our team keeps an eye out for every minor detail to make sure that every weakness of the property is identified. Considering the years of experience we’ve had, the affordable pricing we offer and our professional inspectors, it is in your best interest to hire us for your home inspection.

Our inspection team covers over 400 different aspects in the property that vary from external condition of the house to internal state, walls, roofing, plumbing, electrical work and more. We provide same day inspection report thus allowing you to take a timely decision and effectively manage the faults identified. Our report covers all major and minor details to present a clear picture of the building. Keep the documented report safe as it will be helpful while selling the house. Along with the faults in the report, we also highlight the areas where you need to spend more money. Our professional home inspectors can provide useful advice on how to make the home a better and secure place to live. Do not take it as an extra expenditure, consider this as an investment to increase the resale value of your house or to decrease the cost of the house you’re about to buy.

You can ask any question from our home inspection team. They are capable of providing you a detailed answer to help you understand the home inspection process. You can trust our home inspection consultants as they are licensed, insured and experienced. We make sure that our team follows the industry standards while making the report. We prefer your onsite presence during the process as it will be helpful for both. You can help our team if they face any difficulty while roaming around the property. Furthermore, you get a chance to clarify any confusions that you might have.

Our home inspectors follow the code of ethics so that you feel safe when they are around you. Our team works to customer’s satisfaction following the nationally accepted standards of practice. Our team will not offer any service they are not capable of doing such as repair and maintenance. We are here for home inspection and home inspection only!

The inspection process lasts for 2-3 days depending on the size of the property and the extent of the problems that are identified. We are available Monday to Sunday from 9.00 A.M to 7 P.M. Contact us to schedule a booking that suits you! You can request the home inspection form online.

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