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One-Stop Shop for Home Repair Services in Kaneohe HI

Are you looking for home repair services expert in Kaneohe HI? We can help you at our one-stop shop for home repair services.

Since 2004, PMR Property Maintenance & Home Repair has been working as one of the best home repair services in Kaneohe HI. Our professional team understands the need for a clean house and provide matchless services so that you can have the pleasant living environment. We are specialized in cleaning and repairing the commercial, residential, and out-of-state property. Our wide range of home repair services includes drywall repair, fence repair, deck repair and other property maintenance work. Our team is trained to do the repairing and maintenance work with great care. They are responsible to keep the things safe and secure while working on your property. Cleaning and repairing have their own hassles and burdens. That is why we are here to take the load from you via our professional cleaning and repair service.

With 20 years of experience, Jerome Hilacion the owner of PMR Property Maintenance and Home Repair has developed a team of trained technicians. They work to make the homes clean and germ-free so that you can live in a healthy environment. Along with the residential home repair services, we are expert in commercial property cleanings such as hotels, apartments, office buildings and more.

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Our Diverse Home Repair Services for Better Homes

We understand that how difficult it is for you to hire different contractors for every repair work. Dealing with many contractors simultaneously can be hectic and problematic. That is why we are here as a one-stop solution for home repair services in Kaneohe HI. We know that you cannot risk your property with any non-professional that is why we have licensed professionals. Every corner of the house is cleaned and maintained with our diverse home repair services such as:

Painting Service

Painting can do magic to your house. Whenever you plan to remodel your residential property, painting service by our professional is always a good idea. Our artists are capable of providing finely painted walls for your rooms, kitchen, and home exterior. It is one of the less expensive solutions to increase the curb value of the house. No matter what type of paint you want, we can do it all. Talk to us about your ideas and see how we can transform them into a reality. With our reliable painting service, we can make your home an amazing place to live. We believe in quality results that is why our team begins its work from the scratch. Before applying the new paint, we peel off the existing paint to make the walls smooth. This is essential for ensuring perfect application of paint on the wall. The topmost benefit of using a quality paint is that it covers all scratches, cracks, and small holes in the walls. Our team pays close attention to every detail while working on exterior or interior of the house.

Drywall and Carpenters Repair Service

Drywall can be easily damaged due to excess water in the house or building. The cracks in the walls can be a big trouble for any homeowner and need an immediate solution. Our home repair services team is capable of making your walls become new-like. During the drywall repair process, our team removes all the excess paint and debris hanging from the walls to make it smooth. In case the crack is elongated, we prefer to remove the debris by force to protect the walls from further damage. Our team prepares the mixture well to fill up the cracks in the walls. From removing the debris to covering the cracks and sealing it with tape, our team relies on nothing but quality products. Along with drywall repair, we are expert in carpentry work. Our skilled team is good with tools for any kind of woodwork in your house. From kitchen cabinets to wood doors and cupboards, we can do it all. Do not miss a chance to hire one of the best carpentry services at PMR Property Maintenance & Home Repair.

Roof Repair

Roof is an important part of any house that is why it is important to keep them in good condition. Being exposed to the extreme weather conditions, residential and commercial roofs often need repairing and maintenance. Many people try to repair their roofs themselves but fail. Damaged roofs can be very dangerous and can cause serious injury. That is why we recommend hiring our professional roofers. Our Home repair services have qualified roofers that have years of experience under their belts. No matter what type of roof you have, we have the right solution for every roofing problem.

Pipes Repairing

Like roofs, pipes can also be affected by weather conditions and need repairing. Our team has the right tools to make the plumbing work effective and efficient. We are capable of identifying the pipe problems and repair them in minimum time.

Other than the above-mentioned services, there is a lot more than our home repair services can do like fence repairing, faucet repairing, dry vent and more. Moreover, our team is expert in appliance installation. Call our home repair services for property maintenance in Kaneohe HI.

Pressure Washing – Best Way to Brighten up Your Property

Whether it is your commercial building or residential, you cannot keep it clean throughout the year. As the cleaning process is not as easy as it may look like. Regular cleaning is not enough to keep the sidewalk, deck, and front of the house neat. The gaps between the tiles trap the dust and dirt which needs a lot of scrubbing to get out.

Well, why take so much burden when we are here? Apart from our home repair services in Kaneohe HI, our team is also expert in pressure washing. Most people are not aware of the benefits of pressure washing. Seeing is believing and we suggest that you give us a chance to make your porches and front of the house and hotels clean. We use eco-friendly products to brighten up the rough surfaces. Along with the house cleaning, our team can work on any commercial building such as warehouses, office buildings, retail store, hospitals and more.

We Protect Your Out-of-State Investment

If you are worried about the maintenance and cleanliness of the out-of-state property, take our help. Our dependable and honest team is capable of taking good care of your property. Our trustworthy cleaners and technicians are ready to serve you with the best home repair services in Kaneohe HI. Do not worry, your property is in safe hands.

With more than 20 years of experience in commercial and residential property maintenance and repair, we are the right team for any such task that needs to be done. We also offer you the installation of different appliances. During our home repair services, we keep an eye on every little detail so that you can have a clean and pleasant place to live. Get free estimates online. Call us directly or fill the form to schedule the appointment today.

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