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Motivated Movers is a reliable moving company that is dedicated to providing high end residential and commercial moving services to the people of Sandy Springs GA. Our services are designed to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the customers. We have been catering the moving needs of the clients for more than 15 years. We offer swift solutions and cater all types of moving services. We provide services by keeping the industry standards in mind. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our tailored moving services are designed to cater all your moving problems. Whether you are planning to move the piano or want services related to pool table moving, we are here to help. We provide onsite estimates and this helps us provide reliable services to the clients. You can also fill out the moving form on our website and our staff will get back to you with a detailed moving quote.

Diverse services at affordable rates

We offer diverse moving services in Sandy Springs GA and its surrounding. Moving is no more a daunting task with the help of our expert moving services. We provide effortless moving services including but not limited to:

Interstate moving

Interstate moving services offered by us are second to none. We understand the importance of your hard earned money and time and provide services that are both swift and dependable. During an interstate moving, you need to cater multiple tasks such as interstate tolls and arranging the storage units. We can provide high-end interstate moving services that are aimed to transport your goods in a safe fashion.

Residential moving

During a residential move, you need to cater multiple things such as packing the antique furniture items, upholstery, and electronics. These diverse items need to be packed properly and transported in a safe fashion. Our dedicated residential moving services will help you to move the goods in an efficient manner. We cater residential moving of apartments of all sizes. So, contact us when you are in need of expert residential moving services in Sandy Springs GA.

Local moving

Our local moving solutions are directed towards the people who are looking for swift-moving services. We plan and execute all the moves efficiently and ensure safe transport of all the goods. We are one of the most professional and dependable moving companies in Sandy Springs GA.

Commercial moving

Commercial moving services include the relocation of office equipment, physical and digital data, servers, office furniture and all the other requisite goods of the office. Our commercial moving services are tailored to your needs and we cater different type of commercial moving. So, whether you want to relocate your hotel business or want services related to hospital relocation, we are the company to call.

Furniture moving

Furniture moving is one of the prized moving service of our company in Sandy Springs GA. Our professionals are well versed in handling different types of furniture items and our moving trucks are designed to transport the goods safely. Our professionals are trained in dissembling the furniture, pack it safely and reassembling the furniture. 

Benefits of using our professional services

A lot of stress is involved in the moving process as you have to cater multiple things such as packing the goods and driving the truck to the new location. You will face many hurdles when you indulge yourself in DIY moving and this is where our professional moving services come in handy.

Effortless packing

Our effortless packing solutions can take a lot of stress out of the move. From antique furniture to electronics, different goods require different packing materials. We use high quality and durable packing materials to pack the goods and this ensures that the goods withstand the hardships faced during the transit. Our representatives will pack your goods before the move date so that you face no delays on the move day.

Safety of the goods

With our dedicated moving trucks, you can be sure that the goods are safely transported to the new location. Our moving trucks are designed to withstand severe weather and this ensures that the goods will be delivered safely. So entrust your goods to us and let us move your goods safely.

Experienced Movers

Our 15 years of experience in the moving industry helps us to move your goods safely. We have trained staff that can handle all your needs and expertly transports goods with the help of reliable moving services. Our professional movers receive regular training sessions that make them expert in delivering moving services of different nature.

Reliable storage services

Our storage services come in handy when you are planning to move to a small apartment and need to store goods. Our warehouses are temperature controlled and your furniture and electronics will stay safe in them. All the warehouses have a web of security cameras for additional protection.

Cleaning service

Moving process can leave a plethora of waste behind and our cleaning services ensure that you hand over the property clean to the new owners. After packing all the goods and loading them on the trucks, our cleaning crew will do a final sweep to make sure all goods are packed and transported. After that, they will clean the place. Note: cleaning services are not included in the moving services and you will have to pay extra for them.    

Our qualified professionals will be with you at every step of the moving process. Our trained customer support staff is well versed in moving linguistics and this helps them to book an appointment with ease. We are proud to be one of the best nationwide moving service provider in Sandy Springs GA. Our representative will provide a detailed list of inventory that we are moving as well. All the professionals handle the goods with extreme care and are geared to transport the goods to the new location in the safe fashion. We provide moving services seven days a week and offer packing and unpacking services at affordable rates. Contact us today to get a detailed moving quote.  

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