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Stay Safe with Reliable Security Alarms Installation in Forest Hills NY

Tech Electronics is leading manufacturer of high-end security products in Forest Hills NY. We provide a full line of security solutions that include security alarms installation and security cameras. All of our CCTV products are quality assured as they are manufactured in our own factory. We provide a wide range of security cameras that include body, dome, infrared, mini and hidden cameras. Apart from these, we also provide DVRs, power suppliers, lenses and other tech-related products and accessories.

We have been in the industry since 1998, working to make the security systems better. We understand the growing need for high-end security at all levels that is why our professionals are always busy innovating and evolving the current line of products. They are highly qualified to provide more reliable security solutions using the latest technology that covers our client’s need. Each one of our product is meeting the demand of today’s market at affordable rates. Our motto is to provide best security solution, which is the reason behind our success. We have a trained team that works to keep up the reputation in the industry. Our technicians ensure the satisfaction of our customers, partners, and employees. Call us for security alarms installation in Queen NY and secure your property.

Security Alarms Installation with Latest Technology

Residential Security System

Our technicians value the need for your home’s security to be foolproof and that’s why we strive to be one of the best security alarms installations in Forest Hills NY. As we use our own factory manufactured products, you do not need to worry about the product’s quality. You may ask that how security alarms installation can help enhance the security of your home? Well, the alarm systems are only as good as the level of quality that they have been installed with. Alarm systems are placed on walls and/or windows and are connected to main control panel keypad. This system is able to detect a burglar break-in through the glass or doors. Our systems are also capable of detecting the smoke and carbon monoxide. The alarm system works in two ways; firstly, it sets off alarm when it detects a problem (break-in or fire for example). Secondly, it will inform our monitoring team and they will respond promptly by contacting you. If it is determined that there’s an actual problem, the monitoring team will then proceed to alert the relevant authorities.

Commercial Security System

Doesn’t matter if you are running a small office, a big warehouse or a shopping mall; you always need reliable security alarms installation by professionals. Our technicians understand the security needs of different places and guide customers accordingly about the right security system for their business. They will also install it professionally up to the required standards. Many business owners consider investing in a security system a waste of money, however, safety is more important than any other thing. Even if your budget is less, we will chalk out a security plan for you – with minimal components of course. We provide affordable solutions that serve the purpose of protecting the property. Call us today for security alarms installation in Forest Hills NY.

Security Cameras

With the increase in security awareness, people have now become more conscious and want nothing but reliable security systems. Apart from security alarms installation, we also offer security cameras that help to keep eye on your property even when you are not present on site. Our professionals provide security cameras of various kinds such as analog system, HD system, and IP system. Each system varies on the basis of its functionality and purpose to meet the security needs. Our technicians are expert in installing the cameras at different places such as your house, shop and office etc. However, the security needs of every business is different and we suggest the solution accordingly. Before choosing your security solution, you need to understand the nature of each security system.

Analog System

Analog systems send the videos in the traditional base brand format that records everything on the hard drive. There are no tapes to keep the record so you are free from the duty of changing the tape on time. The data is transmitted in analog format, live or recorded, and is still available over the network. This imparts you with the peace of mind that there is someone looking at your property. In case of any incident, the authorities can check the recording to find out the cause. Our analog systems are not much expensive, so you can easily have them installed in your homes or other business places.

HD System

In older times, HD cameras were not used in the surveillance systems due to the lack of innovation. However, the advent of technology and our professional services have made it possible. HD cameras prove to be a good investment, only if installed by professionals. Contact us now to find out more!

IP System

These cameras broadcast the video as a digital streaming. Similar to analog systems, IP system’s videos are also recorded on the hard drives. They allow you to stream the video straight from the camera so you get the flexibility to check the date and area where the video is recorded. Usually, people get confused over choosing the system; each system has its own pros and cons. IP cameras provide a clearer picture and have more advantages over analog systems. IP cameras have the ability to match the personal identifications such as tattoos or other marks. Some of the more benefits of IP systems are:

  • Remote HD view
  • Email Alerts with footage snapshots
  • Optical zoom in and tilt the camera remotely.
  • Facial recognition
  • Motion detection
  • Flexibility to check the video

IP cameras are generally expensive as compared to the analog system but they give a high-resolution picture. You can talk to us about your needs and we will provide you with the best solution at affordable rates. Our services are not restricted to security alarms installation, we do repairing as well. Call us today for security solutions to your specific problems.

Intercom Systems for Protection

Apart from security alarms installation, we also provide you ultimate solutions for homes and offices to reduce the risk of robbery. Our intercom systems are designed to limit the entrance.  This system allows you to communicate with the people from a distance. They help to monitor the visitors and provide video monitoring. Our intercom system provides additional security solutions. Intercoms are available with different options such as:

  • A handset or hand-free set.
  • A wired or wireless system.
  • Door release button.
  • Video functions
  • An intercom connected to an IP network.

With the years of experience in security alarms installation and repair, we lead the industry. We provide multiple solutions that fit in every budget. We help you to secure your property with the best solutions. Our diverse service not only provides camera and alarm installation but also repair them. Do not risk your property with poor security. Get timely repair done by our professionals at affordable rates. Call us today for security alarms installation and repair in Forest Hills NY. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 718-820-0080

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