Fence For Pools

With many years of experience in pool fences near Middletown CT, today we have multiple solutions for your pool safety. Our reliable pool safety fence is available at affordable prices, various colors and a range of heights. The fiberglass locking poles are flexible so they won’t permanently bend or break as aluminum poles will. Our fence is unclimbable and almost indestructible which makes your pool child-proof and baby-safe.

Fence For Pools

Child Proof Fence

It goes without saying that we are all concerned about the safety of our child. When a pool safety fence is needed, we are the company you need to consult with. We are well known for our mesh pool fence installation because it’s attractive, almost transparent, removable and strong. Our lockdown fiberglass poles are unique to our child-proof and baby-safe pool fence products. Call now for a free price quote.

Child Proof Fence

Pet Safe Fence

Your kids are not the only ones that you should be concerned about when it comes to pool safety. Your pets are at risk from your pool as well. We are here to offer you a pet-proof fence in the Middletown CT area so that your pets can freely walk around the pool without accidentally falling in or intentionally jumping in. Our fence is removable so when the risk is gone, the fence can be gone too. Make your pool pet-safe.

Pet Safe Fence

With Our Reliable Child Proof Pool fence, Safety Is Guaranteed!

Pool Fences with Our Suresafe System

We should be your first choice when it’s time to choose a pool fence company near Middletown CT. People rely on us to child-proof their pool because our pool fence is designed with our Suresafe solution. Our Suresafe solution for pool fence installations incorporates features such as lock-in deck posts, point-lock latches, and self-locking gate. The fence is also unclimbable so With all these secured features in your pool fence, all your worries go away.

Safety Comes First!
When searching for a pool fence company offering reasonable rates for pool safety fence, we are the company you can rely on. No matter what services you choose from our variable pool fence products, we do not compromise on the quality. Free estimates are always available, and you are free to compare it with other fence companies.

Our Trustworthy Pool Fence Services

Sure you want an experienced pool fence company like us, and we take pride in it. Our pool fence services entail the following services;
• Removable Mesh Pool Fence
• Fence Installation
• Pool Mesh Fence Sales And Service
• Child Proof Pools
• Pet Proof Fence Sales and Installation

We Serve You The Best!
With us, it’s all about customer satisfaction. We ensure that you get the best products and services for your pool. A removable pool fence with our sure-safe system and fiberglass poles is the highest quality pool fence you can get. It’s made in the USA and it’s guaranteed for life. We challenge you to find another pool fence company that has fence fiberglass poles that lock down to the patio and have point-lock latches.

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