Fence For Pools

If you are looking for the best pool fence company in and around Newtown CT, feel free to call on us. Our safety pool fence options are just what you need to keep your kids and pets safe while finding a fence that matches your property. We take pride in designing all of our mesh pool fences to be removable, unclimbable, attractive and almost transparent. Whether your pool is in use or not it's safe and beautiful all year long. Call for a free quote.

Fence For Pools

Child Proof Fence

Interested in building a child-safe pool at your house? Here is the solution for you. We are experts in designing pool child safety fences. Our pool fences are considered the best in the Newtown CT area because we have a product that is made in America with the best materials to make them baby-safe, child-proof, and nearly indestructible. A self-closing gate that locks with a key is optional. The fence comes in three colors, heights, & other options.

Child Proof Fence

Pet Safe Fence

As having a baby safe pool is the ultimate wish of all parents, pet owners wish for pet proof fence that ensures the safety of their pets. We built all kinds of fences for pools but when it comes to pet safe fence, you will find our pet pool fences best in the market. Once you contact us, your pool safety is our concern. Just tell us about your needs and our pool fence will be what you always wanted. The safety of your pet will be insured and you will have peace of mind.

Pet Safe Fence

Pool Safety Fence is A Must For Your Pool Safety

Now Get A Perfect Pool Safety Solution

Whether you are looking for a removable pool fence or a mesh pool fence installation, our safety pool fence is the right solution for you. When it comes to pool fence installation, you will find our solutions perfect.

We Provide Solution On A Budget
Like most people, You are probably looking to spend less on a pool fence to child-proof your pool. You can trust us to install a pool fence that will not only baby-safe your pool, it will also look attractive, be removable and cost less than most fences. A child-proof fence that is unclimbable, virtually indestructible, looks great, and meets code with a self-closing gate is fantastic, but for it to cost less as well is even better. We are available 7 days a week to give you a free estimate so call now. It’s never too soon for safety.

Get a Sneak Peak of Our Services

We take pride in providing the best products for a pool fence with our years of experience. Our pool fence services include;
• Professional Fence Installation
• Pool Mesh Fence sales
• Removable Mesh Pool Fence
• Make Pool Child Proof
• Pet Proof Fence

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority
Catering to the safety needs of customers is our topmost priority. We want you to enjoy your time when you are around your pool with a relaxed mind. Leave all your worries on us and we will install your desired safety pool fence straight away.

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