Fence For Pools

If you are concerned about the safety of your pool, we have the right solutions for you. Our pool fence company offers multiple style options so that you can have the best-matched pool fence for your property. Pool time is to relax, and we ensure that your pool is child-proof and baby-safe so you can do just that. If your In and around North Haven CT, contact us to explore our pool safety fence solutions and get a free quote.

Fence For Pools

Child Proof Fence

Why our child-proof fence is famous is because we install our fence with great responsibility. Our professionals know the right ways to ensure that your kids stay safe once our baby proof fence is installed. Our fence is unclimbable, attractive, strong, removable and you can see right through it. A lifetime guarantee ensures your satisfaction in North Haven and all of Connecticut. Call to learn more about a child-proof pool.

Child Proof Fence

Pet Safe Fence

Not just your kids are at risk while playing near pools but your pets are too. To ensure that your pets are safe while playing around a pool, get our pool pet safe fence at an affordable price. Our fence products are made in America with top quality materials to make your pool pet & baby safe. Protect A Child Pool Fence is the best brand and you can trust that we have your back when it comes to pets safety near pools.

Pet Safe Fence

With Reliable Pool Fences Pool Safety Is A Must!

Our Suresafe System For Pool Fences

When choosing a pool fence company, we should be your top choice. People have been choosing us because of our SureSafe solution to make pools child-proof and baby-safe. Our pool fence and the professional installation of it uses our Suresafe solutions such as point-lock latches, lock-in deck polls and self-locking gates. With these secured features, all your worries go away.

We Keep The costs Low And Safety High
Like anyone, you are looking for a pool fence with low cost. Why not try a Protect A Child pool fence to secure your pool for less money while increasing safety. As our name implies our fence is made specifically to make your pool child-proof, baby safe and pet-safe. Since it’s a mesh fence the materials cost less and we pass that savings along to you. Call now for a free price quote.

Our Reliable Pool Fence Services

With years of experience in providing the best quality pool fence, we take pride. Our pool fence services include;
• Fence Installation
• Pool Mesh Fence Sales & Service
• Removable Mesh Pool Fence
• Child Proof Pool
• Pet Proof Fence

For Us, Customers Come First
We priorities the safety needs of our customers so that they can enjoy their leisure time with the utmost peace of mind. Our mesh pool fence is removable so if the safety risk no longer exists you can take it down. Even though our fence is attractive, you might prefer to do without it when you don’t need it. We love our fence and we think you will too but we won’t be hurt if you don’t.

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