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Northstar has been providing Commercial building renovation services for ourclients for over 15 years. We have taken the hassle out of construction by providing a single source of responsibility for all types of commercial renovations, including convenience stores renovations, restaurants renovations, office renovations food service renovations, retail renovations, commercial Kitchen renovations. Give us a call today so we can assist you with your project.

Commercial Renovation

Commercial Construction

We are the premier design/build commercial construction company in Ellicott City MD. By integrating the design and construction of the project, we are able to streamline the process by developing the design drawings that meet expectations and budget, obtain all the required permits, and then construct the project and deliver the project as one service. So, whether you are looking to have restaurant construction, retail construction, warehouse construction, or commercial kitchen construction, call Northstar for a complimentary consultation.

Commercial Construction

Commercial Contractors

As a design/build commercial contractor in Ellicott City MD, we have assisted our clients in reducing their commercial construction cost by introducing materials and methods into the project during the design phase that result in overall budget savings. We have successfully done this for literally hundreds of business owners in achieving office remodeling, convenience store remodeling, or restaurant remodeling at our below the projected budget cost.

Commercial Contractors

Northstar Commercial Construction provides solutions not excuses.

Single Source Responsibility for your Project

Northstar Commercial Construction offers single source responsibility for the entire project from drawings to final inspections, we are there to make sure that everything is done properly and correctly. We understand the processes, know the codes, and have skilled workers on the job. Our attention to each project and to the details of the project are evident in our completed renovation work which includes:

  • Nursing home renovations
  • ADA toilet renovations
  • Convenience store renovations
  • Restaurant renovations
  • Carry out renovations
  • Liquor store renovations

Courtesy, Professional Staff
Commercial construction and renovation projects are stressful no matter what; rearranging (or closing) your business even for a short period of time creates worry and concern. We understand that, and therefore all or our journeyman, craftsman, and staff are professionally trained to complete the project in an efficient and timely manner. All workers have been tested to ensure that they meet our standards so that we are fully confident that are providing the best services possible

About Us

Northstar Commercial Construction is an Ellicott City MD commercial design/build company providing full-service, end-to-end solutions for commercial construction projects. We can take your ideas, create a design and build a physical product that represents your vision and meets your budget. Because we use our own crews instead of outsourcing, we are able to deliver high-quality, consistent results fast and with minimal interruptions to your business.

We believe in integrity and honesty. We have been satisfying our clients with commercial construction requirements in Ellicott City MD. Our customers depend on our ability to deliver what we have promised at the agreed upon price without any surprises. We know that we have a satisfied client base by the amount of repeat business and referrals we receive.

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