Language School

The students at Le Petite are constantly exposed to English, Hebrew, Spanish, and French throughout the school day. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to meet the individual needs of our students. We make a strong commitment to respecting the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each child.

Language School

Best Daycare Center

Our daycare center is distinct from the others in Hollywood CA because we offer uncompromised love and care to every child individually. You’ll find on the top when you search for “best home daycare center near me.” We know how early development for children is necessary; that is why our daycare center offers a safe, nourishing and a caring environment for every child, helping them to teak small steps to their future!

Best Daycare Center

Preschool Daycare Center

Our preschool daycare center provides the best educational development and cares that your child needs. We ensure that our professionals help every child and put the individual focus where necessary. Your child’s happy childhood memories begin here, and we provide “fundamentals” for young minds. That is why our pre-school day care center is the best in Hollywood CA. Rest assured, we are the experts in child care!

Preschool Daycare Center

Our Day Care Services In Hollywood CA Are Designed To Make Your Children Feel Like Home!

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We a locally owned and operated daycare center that has been nurturing the growth of children for over a decade now! Our daycare center is a beautiful place for your child to grow and we offer standards of excellence through our daycare services!

Caring Staff
We appreciate the trust our customers put in us as it makes us the best daycare service in Hollywood CA. What makes us distinct from other daycare centers is our highly competent and caring staff. Our professionals help develop the spirit of your children and guide them in the right direction!

How We Encourage

We are customer and child-focused! That is why we are:
• Best daycare center for kids
• Affordable daycare service for babies
• Best preschool daycare center
• An affordable daycare center and preschool
We offer a royal treatment for your kids, and you’ll find us on the top when you look for “best daycare center and preschool near me.”

We Give Wings To Your Child
We care for your children and help them grow and shine! Our interactive and engaging way of communicating with the children helps them develop their cognitive reasoning in a better way. That is why we are the best daycare service in Hollywood CA.

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