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GPS Rescue Alexandria VA


GPS Rescue Alexandria VA

We are proudly serving the Alexandria, VA area as one of the United State’s leading institutes that offers safety training programs including AED, CPR, and first aid classes, etc. We have the experienced trainers and instructors that specialize in AED sales, first aid training, and CPR courses. There are thousands of students that have already acquired CPR certifications from us and you can also be the one that can get the best safety training and certifications from us.

We save lives through safety education

We believe that every single person should equip himself with the safety training to become a responsible member of the society to save lives of people in their bad times. It can be a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster in which you can save lives, if you are a certified first aid trainer. We have a special emergency preparedness program that is to help people save lives in emergency situations. But for that, you have to get the needed safety education from our instructors first.

Our courses are approved by local, state, and federal government agencies

Whether you are looking for the CPR training or you need the best first aid training in Alexandria, VA our courses are approved by the government agencies at local, federal and state level. So, you can stay relaxed that you are going to get the training and certifications that are accepted by the state agencies and should be valid in all states of the country.

Special attention to every student

To make sure that a student should get all the necessary information and knowledge about all the aspects and equipments such as AED sales and defibrillator, we only assign 1 instructor to a group of 15 students. This helps the students to get the attention required to effectively learn during the CPR classes offered by us. 


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