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GPS Rescue Maryland MD


GPS Rescue Maryland MD

GPS Rescue is a safety training institute in Maryland, MD that provides first aid, AED, and CPR training with the help of certified trainers and cutting edge training facilities. We are committed to deliver the best education and facilities to the students that are looking for the CPR certifications in Maryland, MD and surrounding areas. If you want to get the best education and want to serve the people with your safety skills, then you can trust our certified instructors.

Our mission

We are a safety training institute that has a mission to save the lives of people through education. To achieve our goals and targets, we ensure the highest quality education given to the students through qualified instructors and cutting edge technology for our AED, CPR, and first aid training classes.

Our instructors and training facilities

In order to offer the best AED, CPR, and first aid classes to our students, we have the National Safety Council certified trainers and our led training program allows the instructor to teach the students in the best manner. Whether you are looking for the CPR courses or if you are looking for the emergency preparedness or AED sales programs, we will ensure you the best instructors and training facilities to help you get the best education.

1:15 student-to-instructor ratio

Because we only assign one instructor to a group of 15 students, so you will get the required attention to learn education in a good manner. You will be able to get your full attention on what is being taught by the instructor whether you are learning about the defibrillator use or some other things during the CPR classes. You can call us to get more information about our training programs, classes, or schedule.


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