EKG Technician

If there is any perplexity regarding your career then we offer you to become an EKG technician in Englewood NJ. You can come to plan your future with us. Graduates from our institutions are doing well-paid jobs in reputed organizations and hospitals. We increase the exposure of students who are studying EKG, phlebotomy or any program in our institute. They work at clinics and hospitals among the best physicians. This day to day experience promotes healthy competition among our students.

EKG Technician

Phlebotomy Technician

Our phlebotomy and ECG technicians study theory as well as practice in labs. Our focus is education, not the business so you can trust us if you are searching for an “ECG technician program near me in Englewood NJ.” We have experienced teachers who have ample knowledge related to all technicalities of ECG. If you think that you can do better in accounts then join us for medical billing and coding. It is a challenging field where you can polish your skills and utilize & enhance stamina.

Phlebotomy Technician

Patient Care Technician

Other than our EKG technician we have many career options which are equally exciting. Our teachers teach their students to utilize all their knowledge while making notes of the vital signs of a patient because these notes help a doctor to analyze patient. Our patient care technicians become an asset for hospitals where they work. We see the aptitude of students and provide guidance accordingly. We assure you that phlebotomy, anatomy & physiology are intriguing medical fields.

Patient Care Technician

Join Us to Become EKG Technician in Englewood NJ and Embark Upon the Career Building Mission

Our Credentials

Liberty Institute is emerging as a trustworthy educational foundation by leaps and bounds in Englewood NJ. Medical assistants, EKG, and phlebotomy technicians who studied from our institute are now serving in renowned hospitals and clinics. We have set the trend of career building rather than delivering mere bookish knowledge to our students.

Extracurricular Activities

We arrange activities for our students to assist in their mental and physical growth. People who have enrolled as to be a phlebotomy technician or medical assistant will not be confined to their area of study, but we bring various competitions and events that prepare young minds for various domains.

Shaping Personalities of Students

We lead our students in a way that we do not turn them into bookworms. We compel them to work out of their comfort zone. They are trained to deal with practical situations. Our teachers focus on shaping better human beings for society.

Career Paths

Liberty Institute emphasizes to follow a challenging and well-paid career. We help you to become

  • Medical assistant
  • EKG technician
  • Phlebotomy technician
  • Medical billing and coding expert
  • Patient care technician

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