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Background Investigator

Many times you come across circumstances when you need background investigation. It is never advisable to enter a legal contract without background check. So we offer our background investigation services in Rocklin CA. We take your cases and provide you with proficient and experienced background investigators. We can find anything about your business rivals and new business partner’s background.

Background Investigator

Child Support Investigation

Our child support investigators find out all the facts related to the financial support of a child. Both the parents are responsible to take care of the expenses of their child. Our child support investigators in Rocklin CA make sure that both the custodian and non-custodian parent pay equally for their child. So, if you are tangled into any such situation, feel confident to contact our child support investigator today.

Child Support Investigation

Private Investigation

Not only child investigators but we have civil investigators as well. We find all the relevant information, evidence, and witness before the trial starts. Our civil investigators are dedicated to serving the clients. We opt for all legal ways to find non-privileged information so, if you look for “civil investigator near me” then no one can help you better than our investigators.

Private Investigation

We Are The Right Choice When Your Need Background Investigators in Rocklin CA

About Us

M.W. Thompson Investigation Services is operating in Rocklin CA with great pride. We have capable and knowledgeable background investigators to help you incorporate and civil cases. We have years of experience in the field of investigation. Our investigators remain busy day and night to serve their customers fittingly.

Experienced Investigators

Chief Investigator of M.W. Thompson Investigation Services has been in the field of investigation since 1994. We preferably hire those investigators who have already worked on a number of projects for reliable results. It makes us reach the facts earlier and use them in favor of our client. We use our experience to cope with civil and background investigation.

Ensure Confidentiality

All investigative work requires privacy and secrecy and our background investigators are professional. They work without leaving a chance of information leak. The client can fully rely on our workers when it comes to corporate sector dealings. Thereby, we minimize risks and dilemmas.

Best Investigative Equipment

There are computers everywhere with unlimited data storage capacities. Our background investigators are proficient in handling computers and databases. They extract information that is relevant to the case and uses it to benefit you. We are utilizing technology to resolve your cases. Our tools and computer systems are advanced and failsafe.

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