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GPS Driving School Sterling VA


GPS Driving School Sterling VA

GPS Driving School has been striving hard to meet and exceed the level of expectations of customers through high class adult behind the wheel training and driving exam preparation in Sterling, VA. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured. We do not make any compromise on the quality of our services at our professional driving school in Sterling, VA. Our team consists of skilful, organized and cooperative drivers and instructors who use the most reliable methods to transform the art of secure driving to the students. They offer driving courses online and via classrooms. You can count on their experience and knowledge to achieve your dreams of driving. They remain available 7 days a week to accommodate majority of the customers. They conduct special classes for the nervy or new drivers. We are well aware of the fact that everyone needs flexible timings to match their busy schedules. We are proud to be one of the most flexible driving schools of the area. You will be glad to know that most of our students come through referrals. Whether it is a matter of joining teen driver’s education classroom or drivingre examination course in Sterling, VA, we will be your ultimate choice of local driving school.  


For reservation, you can email us at info@qrgtech.com.

No document , NO green card , no social Security card NO PROBLEM . You still can get a driver License.

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Course Benefits

  • Certificate of completion 8 Hours Course can help you:
    • Earn five (5) good points Virginia Driving Record
    • Prevent license suspension or reinstate license with DMV
    • Get a ticket DISMISSED or REDUCED in traffic court
    • Reduce auto insurance premium
  • Improved knowledge of practical & effective defensive driving techniques
  • Traffic court preparation, tips & guidance provided
  • Class available for CDL (Commercial Drivers License) holders as well
  • Course workbook & supplies provided FREE
    • Workbook TEACH in Spanish, English and Urdu Language.
Reckless driving ticket, it is STRONGLY recommended to complete this course prior to your court date, along with the 8-hour DIP Course!! Consult with a traffic attorney to verify this.

Persons charged with Reckless driving tickets (or driving violations that contribute to aggressive/road rage behaviors) may enroll prior to their court date or as referred by their attorney or as ordered by the Court, in a 12-hour education program (8 hour DIP Course and 4 hour Reckless Course).


Three times Computer test failed - No problem we will help you under the course detail so you can pass Quickly 

Course fee: $135.00
Get your driving course with Virginia Driver Adult Program  $450.00


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