How Geothermal Works

A heat pump – reversible refrigeration technology with sophisticated controls – is positioned between your home’s heat distribution system(s) (e.g. forced-air duct work, radiant floor heating, hydronic baseboard) and a network of water pipes that we bury in the ground. The heat pump concentrates the Earth’s heat absorbed by the recirculating water which raises its temperature significantly so that it can be used to heat your house in the winter. In the summer, it absorbs the heat in your house, concentrates it, and transfers it to the recirculating water which expels it to the Earth.

How Geothermal Works

Geothermal Advantages

A geo system is powered entirely by electricity, so there is no onsite combustion required. It’s incredibly efficient – 300-600% (depending on the circumstances) – and unaffected by the weather. It requires little maintenance. Properly designed and installed, the average heat pump life is 25% longer than furnaces and boilers; the ground loop should last for generations. The systems are very adaptable – forced-air heating & cooling, potable water heating, radiant floor or baseboard heating for new and existing homes.

Geothermal Advantages

Financing & Incentives

Converting to geothermal typically reduces your annual heating energy costs by 50-70% versus heating with propane or oil; 80% versus electric baseboard! Incentives from New York State and the Federal government are currently available and can offset up to 55% of the installation cost. Financing is available for the rest.

Financing & Incentives

We install and service geothermal systems in Geneva NY and throughout the Finger Lakes Region.

What is Geothermal

Are You Tired of the High Heating Cost of Propane or Oil, or the Inconvenience of Wood or Coal?

Geothermal-Most comfortable, lowest operating costs!!
Geothermal can be adapted to nearly any heating & cooling system – boiler or furnace, regardless of fuel source. The upfront costs are more than most systems, but very generous State & Federal Incentives offset a lot of that, and Financing is Available for the rest. Contact us and learn more about why Lake Country Geothermal is the best geothermal heating company for you.

Why Geothermal

Are you tired of the high heating cost of propane or oil, or the inconvenience of wood or coal? Are you building new or need to replace an aging furnace or boiler?

If yes to any of these questions... Converting to Geothermal Heating and Cooling is Compelling! The payback on your investment is typically less than 10 years and often as low as 3-5 years.

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