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GPS Driving School Brooklyn NY


GPS Driving School Brooklyn NY

GPS Driving School is highly regarded as the DMV certified driving school in Brooklyn, NY. We are proud to offer one stop solutions for learning and improving driving skills. Whether it is a matter of behind the wheel education or street condition driving in Brooklyn, NY, we will be your ultimate place of comfort. Our services are fully bonded, licensed and insured. There is nothing too big or too small for our reliable and experienced crew members. Adult driving instructors adopt modern methods and tools to help students mastering the art of driving at our adult driving school in Brooklyn, NY. Our school is well equipped to offer state of the art learning environment to the students. We help people from all age groups to polish their skills professionally. We offer free pickup and drop off, excellent customer services, fast speed, competitive rates, guaranteed satisfaction and timely results to our students. Customers just need to inform us once to join our prestigious institute. We offer flexible appointments in accordance with the busy routines of the customers. Each and every has go to through real life scenarios before graduation.

For further details, you can drop us an email at info@qrgtech.com.

* Licensed by the state of NY to teach how to drive with confidence.
* We have packages of 1,5,10 or 20 lessons according to everybody's need and budget.
* $ 35.00 for a lesson of 45 minutes.
* Patient instructors for TEENAGERS, ELDERLY AND NERVOUS people are available.
* Instructors for WOMEN are available.
* We provide practical lessons on HIGHWAYS.
* Free door to door service in queens, at your preferred location: ( Home & Work )
* We can adjust our schedule to yours.
* Either way you're seeking to know how to drive or to improve your way of driving, I'am here to help.
* Refreshing lessons for people who already have their driver license and didn't drive for a long time are available, too.


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