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Busy Bee Movers Lewisville TX


Busy Bee Movers Lewisville TX

Busy Bee Movers have been helping the Lewisville, TX locals with state-of-the-art moving and storage services for more than 25 years of excellence. We are proudly the number one local moving company that is devoted to provide the best moving help, to the people at the most cheapest rates. The locals also have the facility to get a free estimate for moving from us that can then be compared with the others doing the same business in the area. So, whether you need help from a reliable residential or commercial mover in Lewisville, TX, we are the right place to go.

Residential Moving Services in Lewisville, TX

When the time is to move from your existing house to a new one, then there are various hurdles that you would have to face. Our residential moving services are the most viable choice for you because our moving and storage services are offered with quality assurance and we pay special attention to safe and time efficient services as well. Whether you need to move to another street or looking for interstate moving service, we are here to help.

Commercial Moving Services in Lewisville, TX

We are also offering commercial moving and corporate moving services to our clients, using the cutting edge technology. So, if you are looking for a local mover for office moving, then you can get in touch with us, right away, to get benefit from our top notch services that we offer at extremely affordable rates.

24-Hour Services

Whether you are looking for the piano moving service, a pool table mover, or residential mover to move your house to a new location, you will get 24-hour assistance from us. We can work with your schedule so doesn’t matter if you need help from a professional piano mover or for any other moving job, we will always be there to assist you with our round-the-clock availability.


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