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Intel home inspections hold the top position in the market of home inspection companies. It is serving the market in Lorton VA from quite a few years and has gladly satisfied the customers with its services.
If you need to get your house inspected whether for your safety purposes or for buying/selling purposes, we provide you with a certified house inspector who is friendly and would also answer all of your questions in detail.
Intel home inspections understand your concerns when you are getting your new house built and therefore, it also assists you in foundation inspection making sure your house foundation is safe and strong enough.
Along with the other inspection, we also offer Radon testing which is carried out by passive radon monitors and gives accurate results. Since radon is a very harmful gas which cannot be detected, therefore it is extremely important to get it tested in your house for a hazardfree environment. 
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Intel Home Inspections, Lorton VA

Whenever one thinks of buying a new home in Lorton the biggest fair is because of the issues that house may have. But you don’t need to worry because Intel Home Inspections are providing the best property inspection services in Lorton. There are number of home inspection companies in Lorton but Intel Home inspections have outscored all other companies because quality is one thing we do not compromise on.

Home Inspections:

You can get a comprehensive report (from the exterior to the plumbing) accompanied with comments and photographs highlighting the issues in the existing condition of your house. 

Radon Testing:

Intel Home Inspection also offers Radon testing, using our advanced equipment we can provide you with a reliable Radon test. And, will make sure you stay away from lung cancer.

Other Services:

Our other services include Thermal imagingpre-drywall/New home Inspection, Home walk orientation and Aerial photography. These services will make sure that you have a clear picture of the problems of your house.
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