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Alexandria VA has a large population and people will need appliance repair services all the time. American Pros Appliance Repair offers the best repairsfor different major appliance brands. We offer our services all over the city and you can call us even on weekends and at night.

Our team has the best and well-trained appliance repair technicians. They are experienced professionals that zero in on the problem and fix it the first time. Instead of investing so much money on a new appliance, allow us to make a house call and see if your old one is still fixable.

Services We Offer in Alexandria VA:

With our affordable and flat rates and quality assurance on all our services, you will not find a better fix. Here is a rundown of all the services that we offer:

Washing and Cleaning Appliance Repair and Installation:

Our services range from cleaning and washing appliance service for washers and dryers. We are also experts in installing and repairing garbage disposal machines. We deal in all major brands of these appliances and we will try to fix them in no time.

Washers: Our washer service includes washer repairand washer installation. We offer the best services at the most affordable rates. You can count on us for properly diagnosing the flaw in machinery and offering quality services to repair it. We can fix anyrepairablewasher.If we cannot repair it, we will recommend a replacement.

  • Dishwashers:Dishwashers make doing dishes easy but they can create a huge mess if they ever get out of order. Repairing dishwashers can be a tedious job and we understand that with such appliances our customers need a quick fix. We will do the best job for you in dishwasher repair and dishwasher installation. You can count on our dishwasher service to give you great value for your money.
  • Garbage Disposal: We also offer garbage disposal services that are one of a kind. Our garbage disposal repairgives the best possible outcome by putting in the least investment. We understand that garbage disposal machines are a big investment and you will look for a repair adamantly than buying a new one. Thus, we offer effective repair services for your machine and you will not regret calling us.

Kitchen Appliance Services:

More than anything elsemodern day kitchens rely on electronic equipment and appliances. Gone are the days when cooking was a manual job, there are machines for everything now. If any one of your kitchen appliances such as a microwave or a refrigerator breaks down you can call American Pros for urgent services. 

  • Cooktops: Cooktops are one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. We offer all kinds of cooktop services that include cooktop repairand cooktop installation. We are the cooktop experts in Alexandria VA and are best at what we do. Our team of professional technicians will make sure that we bring you the swiftest and most convenient fix for your cooktop.
  • Stoves: Stoves may look like simple appliances but can sometimes be hard to fix. Our experts offer all kinds of stove service. We can handle gas stove installation, gas stove repair just as well as electric gas stove repair, and electric gas stove installation. Electric gas stove service is one of our expert areas in stoves repair.Not many appliance repair services have the expertise and finesse of the job as American Pros. We pull off the best repair and installation jobs in Alexandria VA.
  • Microwaves: We have been offering microwave repairand microwave service for a long time, and we offer the best services. Microwaves are not something anyone can fix soyou need to trust someone who has the skills and expertise to repair them, like American Pro Appliance.
  • Refrigerators: Refrigerator service is the most wanted service in town. Everyone owns a refrigerator no matter and we can repair it no matter what the size or make is. We offer services like refrigerator installationand refrigerator repair and we have made a name for the company with exceptional service.

Heating and Cooling Appliance Services:

The whole working system of your house may depend upon the heating and cooling services. If there is a dent in any of these appliances, you might have to call urgent services to get it fixed. American Appliance Pro offers reliable repair and installation heating and cooling appliance services that residents of Alexandria VA can trust.  

  • Air Conditioners: AC repair, AC service,and AC installation can be a full day job. Sometimes it is hard to tell the real reason behind malfunctioning. Our expert technicians are adept at air condition service, air condition repairand air condition installation and will do the job right even if takes all day.  
  • HVAC: Not all technicians understand how HVAC service works. It is a very technical job and if is not zeroed in on the issue the first time, it may resurface soon.OurHVAC repair and HVAC installation services will not disappoint you. Our expert team will do the best they can to make it work.

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Our Servicesproviding quality customer service

  • Washer Repair
  • Dishwasher Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Refrigerator Repair
  • Cooktop Installation
  • Microwave Service
  • Gas Stove Repair
  • Electric Gas Stove Service
  • Air Condition Service

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