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The security of your house is not something you can take lightly. With the increased frequency of crime and theft everywhere, it is necessary for people living in Stockbridge GA to take precautions. Medallion Security can help you manage all essential security measures for your home or office. We keep your requirements in check and provide you the most feasible security program for your house.

We are a family owned company that has been providing security measures for almost 19 years now in Stockbridge GA. We make the safety of your home and customer satisfaction our priority.

We understand that the beauty and aesthetics of your house matter to you. We take pride in manufacturing security systems for your doors and windows that do not look like jail bars. With Medallion Security you can rest assured that you trust the right people for the job.

Door Protection and Security

The first and foremost part of your house that you secure is the door. Most people make the mistake of thinking that a simple lock would do, although it is inadequate. You need full view security doors. We offer some comprehensive door security measures that will increase your home security by a landslide.

  • Our security storm doors are the strongest and sturdiest available. They offer advanced protection against storms and are great for safety.
  • We offer full security doors that can prove to be highly effective for an increased security.
  • Opt for our door security screen for an advanced level of security and safety of your house.
  • The grid security door is our most popular security service and has been very successful in keeping burglars out.
  • We also offer bullet proof doors for high-level security options that may you want to choose.

Window Protection and Security:

We offer a wide range of services for window protection. Windows are important parts of all home interiors and exteriors and they can be the most vulnerable ones. The right security measures for windows are vital for the overall security of your house. We offer:

  • Invisible window guards are our trademark product. They offer ultimate protection to your windows without altering the appearance of your house’s exterior. The invisible guards offer the same level of security and look sophisticated as well.
  • We install window security screens that offer top-notch security for your house. The screen design depends on the idea of not making your house look like a jail and still providing the best level of security.
  • Our grid window guards are the conventional way of providing decent security to your windows.

Burglar Bars:

We offer a range of invisible burglar bar services that include:

  • Security Bars
  • Burglar Bars Installation

Our other services include providing AC cages for the external units of your air conditioners. The modern trend for keyless fire exit is catching on. We are an up-to-date security company that also offers keyless fire escape services.

You can reach us via email at or you can call us on 770-650-9537. All details of trade are available on our website

For details, Please feel free to call us at 770-650-9537

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  • Security Bars
  • Burglar Bars Installation
  • Window Protection
  • Door Protection
  • Full View Security Doors
  • Window Security Screen
  • Grid Security Doors
  • Keyless Fire Escape
  • Bullet Proof Doors

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