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Apex Driving School is the bestdriving school in Burke VA. If anyone of you wants to learn or improve his or her driving, we are the best choice in the area. Our certifieddriving school is your best choice learning center, which offers driving classes for all ages. The purpose of the establishment of this school is to provide all the obligatory and safe driving skills and driving education to all age groups including beginners, teens, and adults. Not only new learners but also experienced and learned drivers can also refresh their skills with our driving training.

Driving Improvement Clinic

Our driving skill improvement classes are for those who want to improve their driving and steering wheel skills. If anyone of you has not driven for a long time and wants to refresh his or her knowledge, our refresher driving courses are available for you.

During Behind the Wheel Driving Classes, our certified driving instructors are available to teach and train you to the level of competence required. We teach you both the theory and practical aspects of driving. We provide you with the latest teaching methods and the most modern vehicles in our driving classes. This ensures that when you go out on the road, you are the best driver in terms of experience. We can provide a female or male driving instructor depending on your preference. Just let us know.

You can avail many advantages in our driving academy like DMV approved curriculum, flexible timings, free home pick up and drop off etc. We also provide Driving Improvement Clinic to Court ordered and DMV ordered drivers.

Adult behind the Wheel

Our adult behind the wheel training program is for professionals and grown up people. Our road test and pre road test lessons are for you to pass the road test. Our motto is "Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.” We teach safety and security as the first and foremost thing in our driving lessons because your safety is our first priority.

The friendly environment and polite behavior of our instructors and staff at ApexDriving Academy are one of the most attracting features of your learning experience. We teach you driving on dual control vehicles to feel more secure and protective.

Teen behind the Wheel

We are not just for adults but are also adriving school for teen people. With our drivers’ improvement classes, teenagers who know how to drive can gain a lot. We have designed our driving lessons for Teens to instill a sense of responsibility while they are behind the wheel. We teach them how to stay safe and keep others on the road and in the car safe. We educate them about all driving rules.


Assuming you failed the first test, there is no need to worry. We will have a retake of the test after more training. It is important that you get on the streets with full confidence, which is why we will do anything to help. Even if you passed the first test but want a better rating, you can opt for a retake. Retesting helps drivers to be sure and learn from their mistakes, so we encourage our clients to relax.

Our class timings are 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. For details, Please feel free to call us at 703-627-8281. Visit our website for detailed information regarding our services

For details, Please feel free to call us at 703-627-8281

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