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Northside Power Washing is a pressure and soft washing service operating in Ashburn VA. As our name suggests, we offer power wash for household, deck, driveway, exterior, concrete, fence, bricks, roof, and more. Our services concentrate on residential power wash projects. Not only we pressure wash but we also provide you with soft washing service.

Pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mildew, grime, dust, mud, pollen and dirt from various types of surfaces and floors. Our house power washing service is for the exterior power washing as well as screnned in porches and decks. You can call us for a driveway power washing if you need our expertise.

A worn out and unpolished decks might look boring in appearance and lack protection from sun exposure (U.V.) and mildew growth. With a worn out deck, even a beautiful household doesn’t look 100%. Deck power washing can solve this problem easily. We also handle concrete power washing and fence power washing. It is always our objective to maintain high professional standards.

A thorough and successful stucco power washing (softwash only - on stucco and Dryvit!) can give a new look to your home exterior. Getting brick surfaces power washed regularly will change the entire appearance of your exterior or compound. Lawn passages, sidewalks, and walkways need regular washing. Our sidewalk power washing will wash out the dirt and dust clogged up on the concrete, brick or stone surface, as well as any mildew that had grown on it. Likewise, our driveway power washing and roof power wash will make your driveway and roof new and fresh.

We also handle roof cleaning. Keep in mind though, that roof washing cannot and must not be done with pressure. With that in mind, we’ve designed and implemented a whole separate roof cleaning system that allows us to wash your roof without any pressure that otherwise could damage asphalt shingles on your roof!

We use versatile and proper power washers and attachments for different types of surfaces according to the need and surface manufacture.

Northside Power Washing is just a call, text or email away. You can hire our services anytime, just call or text us on (703) 341-9971, or email us at For details, visit

For details, Please feel free to call us at 703-341-9971

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