In-home Speech Therapy Services Dallas TX

In-home Speech Therapy Services

Looking for top-notch speech therapists? If you or your loved one could benefit from speech therapy services, we are happy to help! At Speech Language Voice & Swallowing, we provide quality online and in-home speech-language therapy services. Our speech-language therapists and pathologists are well qualified to perform all kinds of speech therapy including dysarthria therapy. Pick up your phone and call them and you will be amazed by their work!

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Online Speech Therapy Services Dallas TX

Online Speech Therapy Services

Coronavirus has increased the amount of online service provision by manifold. The same goes for the speech therapy industry. Responding to the changing times, Language Voice & Swallowing offers quality online speech therapy sessions so customers can be treated through a screen. Our speech therapists and pathologists have extensively researched and planned on how to best serve their customers through teletherapy. Hire us and you will realize just how adaptable we can be!

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Dysarthria Therapy Services Dallas TX

Dysarthria Therapy Services

Dysarthria is a speech disorder caused by the weakening of the muscles in and around your mouth. Fortunately, you are not stuck with it if you are born with it or acquired it as result of an accident. To treat dysarthria, many speech therapy facilities, including Speech Language Voice & Swallowing, provide dysarthria therapy services – adjustment of speech rate and strengthening of muscles. Rest assured; others will understand you much better after we treat you!

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